About Us

Welcome to First Parish Chelmsford.  

At First Parish, we believe that a church is not just a building, but a vibrant and caring community

 that comes together to share in their faith and make a positive impact on the world around them.

In our worship services, you’ll find a space for reflection, inspiration, and spiritual growth. We celebrate the diversity of beliefs and perspectives within our congregation, recognizing that each person’s faith journey is unique and valuable.  To find our more about our serves, join us online or in person on Sunday Mornings at 10AM. You can also check out our Sermon Archive to hear  past sermons.

Spiritual Growth is a journey, and we are dedicated to supporting you on that journey. We encourage questions, exploration, and deepening your understanding of your faith in a welcoming and open-minded environment. Our Lifespan Faith Formation pages have more information about our programs for all ages.

Congregtional Blessing
Man comforting woman

Mutual care is at the heart of our community. We’re here to support one another through life’s joys and challenges, forging bonds that extend beyond the walls of our church. Together, we create a network of love and assistance that reaches out to those in need both inside and outside our community. Whether through our Small Group program,  our informal Cook Eat and Chat events,  our Healing Conversation grief group or volunteering at Community table, there are many ways to connect with the community here at First Parish.

Our commitment to service extends to the wider world. We believe in actively contributing to the common good, working to address social and environmental issues that affect our local and global communities. Through our service initiatives, we seek to be agents of positive change and embody the principles of love and justice.


Visit the Get Involved page,  our Lifespan Faith Formation pages, and the Calendar to learn about  our latest activities.