Welcome Volunteers!

2014-15 URUUWelcome  all our wonderful volunteers!

RE Faith Formation Volunteering Opportunities:

2017-2018 Theme is “Into the Future & Beyond”

Please stop by the Religious Faith Formation table or come to the RE office upstairs for more information.

DREFF&YPDolores GHeredia-Wood  [email protected]    

We also have a volunteer opportunity site: REFaith Formation Volunteer & Feedback Survey

Here is what we are looking for…

RE UU Faith Formation Group Leader Pre-K to 7th –                 

Group Leaders are a team of 2 or 3 volunteers, providing stability and a familiar face for children in each group. Provided agenda includes chalice lighting; reflection/meditation; and an activity based on the theme/topic. We use many resources including the UUA Tapestry of Faith curriculum and Soul Matters. Time commitment varies from once or twice a month throughout the year.

Like to play games? 2nd through 7th groups experience UU through games and spiritual practices.

RE UU Faith Formation Chapel Days:

During Chapel Days the focus is worship, incorporating spirituality and ethics. Time commitment is once a month; with exception of more chapel days during the Holiday Season because of pageant preparations.

Chapel Buddies/Leaders: Assist in maintain an environment conducive to worship and assisting youth develop a sense of belonging by encouraging them to participate. They also assist with snacks and preparations if necessary. If they choose they can be involved in Theme and Activities developed with DRE-FF& YP and other Chapel Guest. Time Commitment depends on volunteers, it can be between one chapel day to every chapel day. 

Sunday Evening Opportunities: We need volunteers for to be present at couple of groups and other activities. If you are interested in volunteering on Sunday evenings please contact me Dolores~ DRE-FF & YP and or RE Council Chair, Teri Ralbovsky

WE thank all our RE Volunteers help keep our students safe by filling out a CORI form.

~CORI forms & Safe Child Policy: In order for our youth and congregation to flourish it is important that all of us want to make sure that we offer them the safest environment possible. Safe Child Policy and CORI are required. Approved: SC 2012-13


2017-2018 RE Safety and Health guidelines

Other opportunities:

  • Nursery Substitute (0-3 year olds): Nursery substitutes help out in the nursery on days when our regular nursery care providers are unable to make it in.
  • REFF Sunday Morning Cup Washing: Volunteers take turns washing/sanitizing cups used in the on Sunday mornings during snack.
  • Field Trip Drivers/Chaperones: over age 25; driver license & insurance required
  • Special Events Volunteers: Halloween; Holiday Pageant; Ice Cream Social; Field Day; etc.

 Please contact Dolores GHeredia-Wood for RE Volunteering Opportunities: [email protected]

*We recommend that parents expand their volunteering options and teach in classes other than their own children’s classes. It can be much easier to be present and enjoy yourself if you are not wearing a parenting and teaching hat at the same time. Teaching and learning in different groups give you and your child an opportunity to meet and connect with other members of our intergenerational community at first parish. We especially look for non-parents to work with our 7th – 12th graders. If you have questions or concerns about this recommendation, please speak to me in person-                                       

 Dolores GHeredia-Wood,

Director of RE Faith Formation & Youth Programs: [email protected]