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Coming of Age (COA)

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The Coming of Age Program (COA) is an important rite of passage for our youth. Because of its importance we are opting to extend it to two years in order to offer a more balanced and complete program that is inclusive of new societal realities. An additional benefit of a two year COA program is that we are also going to fully cover all the components  recommended by the UUA Coming of Age program. As part of a Religious Faith Formation community we are dedicated to this transformational transition in the lives of our children into loving young adults by providing them with the best coming of age program possible.

COA- Part 1,  is incorporated in the High School Group Morning Sessions.

The emphasis is for youth to know Unitarian Universalism and be able to articulate what it is to be a Unitarian Universalist and develop a strong sense of community.  COA Days will include outings for example like the UUA-UU Boston Walk that will help them understand the importance of Unitarians & Universalist, before and after they became one religion and going on a fieldtrip to buy gifts for the Concord Prison Project. We will also have guest speakers specifically talking about subjects pertaining to our UU Identity. We strongly encourage the attendance of youth who will be participating in COA-Part 2.

The 2018-2019 COA-Part 2; Sessions are twice a month on Sundays, Time TBD.  It is not necessary for Part I and 2 to be taken in sequence. If you weren’t here for Part 1, you are still welcome to join us for Part 2. meetings are held in addition to the morning High School Group Morning sessions.

The focus is a more traditional FPC inner reflective exploration of what it means as individuals to be a Unitarian Universalist.

The High School Youth Group Morning sessions: 9th through 12th graders 10:00 to 11:00am

The Weekly agenda for the High School group is part of a loose rotation: Peace & Social Justice; Self Expression; and COA Part 1 of 2 The program is tailored to the interests and needs as Unitarian Universalist High School youth. The youth are empowered and encouraged to express themselves freely and further develop their UU identities by branching out into other components of the Youth Ministry without any pressures. The High School Facilitators strive to have them explore their ethical  ideals and provide a spiritual sanctuary where our youth can count on us being there for them.

For the foreseeable future due to the demands of the OWL program and the COA-Part 2 program for volunteers, space and other reasons we will be alternating these programs every year. We are happy to accommodate next seniors so they can participate in the COA program this year and next.

Please Contact Dolores GHeredia-Wood DRE&FF  [email protected]

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*Please note: When bringing snacks plan for at least 10 persons. Allergies are a shared responsibility… make sure everyone is aware of your allergies. We have participants with fish and severe nut allergies! If you are bringing dairy, please bring alternative options. Thank you!