What Does It Mean To Be
A People of Healing

Our services this month will be based on the theme of healing.  This is also the theme of the Soul Matters Open Circle session on November 29 (contact Dolores at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in attending this)

Oh how we want to escape our pain. Worry, loss, death, exhaustion, anxiety, Covid claustrophobia, political instability, the unraveling of our democracy, racial harm. It’s all overwhelming. We want to stitch up our protective coverings as soon as we can so our exposed and tender nerves can rest. We want the pain behind us as soon as possible. But what if the work is to travel toward it? What if proximity to pain not distance from it is the real route to healing? This seems to be what Parker Palmer is trying to tell us. And what our faith is tries to teach us.

… Palmer says: “When the heart is supple, it can be “broken open” into a greater capacity to hold our own and the world's pain: it happens every day. When we hold our suffering in a way that opens us to greater compassion, heartbreak becomes a source of healing, deepening our empathy for others who suffer and extending our ability to reach out to them.”

This doesn’t just reframe pain; it also helps us reimagine our relationship with vulnerability… This of course doesn’t mean the hurt goes away. But it does mean we end up feeling larger, and more whole. And maybe that is the most important healing of all.” Won’t you come and join us and together we can let the healing begin.