UU School of Rock!

Are you ready to…

Rock and Roll?

The UU School of Rock is First Parish of Chelmsford own Rock and Roll band! If you are one of our youth in 6th through 11th grade and love music come and join us. Our wonderful band music director Brian Snow and band members are happy to make you part of the band.

All you need is a rockin’ attitude and love music!

Welcome 2019-2020 Band Members:

Ashanti, Catherine, Heather, Nina,  Kevin, and You!

For more information please contact Dolores* at [email protected]

All rehearsals will be at the church. You are not required to be at all practices or performances;  so rehearsals will be as needed.

Please see calendar for rehearsal and performance dates:

2019-20 UUSoR Calendar

UU School of Rock Covenant:

We will all sing our very best and have fun.

(We will be 90% serious so we can get a lot done)

We will be polite and respectful to each other and everyone.

(we will encourage each other always)

We will listen to the UU School of Rock Band leaders and each other.

(We will have a good attitude about the music)

We will all make music with confidence and joy in our hearts.

(We will work hard learning the music so we are prepared)

During rehearsal we will focus on music.

(We will not eat candy or gum.)

We will honor our covenant and others and show up on time!

(That means you will not be late J)

Everyone will happily help out carrying instruments

and never touch the FPC Church organ…

.(We’ll be our own great roadies!)

We will Rock the House!

          (Sanctuary too!)

2017-18 the UU School of Rock band music director is Brian Snow.

For more information please contact Dolores at [email protected]