Cook, Eat, & Chat Gatherings!
2) Join us June 10th – 10 am to 1pm
Chef of the Day… Caroline McMullin
Food: Pizza!
This month’s Chat Theme: UU’s Future and You!


What is this?

We Cook lunch together, We EAT together, and then we Chat about UU… love, values, etc.

How will it work?  

  1. Cook:One person volunteers to be the “chef of the day.”

The ‘chef of the day’* plans a meal where all those who are able to participate cooking, help out making the meal.

  1. Eat: Then everyone sits down at the table together to enjoy the meal (including chef.)
  1. Chat:Open UU/FPCC oriented/compatible topic.

Interested in joining in? Please RSVP; (you will be added to scheduling list for this and future “Cook, Eat Chat” Gatherings) Note: Anyone, (because of allergies or other reasons) If you are unable to eat the food prepared, you are welcome to bring your own and join us to enjoy the camaraderie of conversation. You are welcome to just “hang out” or help set up table, putting table clothes, utensils, etc.) 

*Interested in being the “chef of the day”: a. Dates and times on a Saturday, are chosen by chef of day.

  1. Chef of Day will plan meal/menu expecting those attending will prepare/cook the meal with you and set the table. (We don’t want the cost to inhibit participation, (so initially to launch) LFF will cover the cost of groceries as needed.)
  2. Chat: Open Small Group Format: resources are provided as/if needed to chef of the day

For more information and to RSVP please contact LFFD, Dolores~ [email protected]