High School Youth Group: 8th through 12th graders

They participate in a program tailored to their interests and needs as Unitarian Universalist High School youth. The youth are empowered and encouraged to express themselves freely and further develop their UU identities by branching out into other components of the Youth Ministry without any pressures. The High School Facilitators strive to provide a consistent spiritual sanctuary where our youth can count on us being there for them.

The HS Youth Group Space:   

Sunday’s between 10:00 to 4:30pm in High School Room unless COA sessions are in session (subject to change)  

10am to 11am Welcome & Games: in the High School Room UU peers and friends between 14 and 18

11am to 2pm Free Zone: Youth can do various activities set up or “just hang out”

2pm to 3pm Zen Zone: Quiet Reflective time

3pm to 4:30: Future and Beyond…Missions, and Visions Projects Planning

Emma Buckley the RECoA will be coordinating all events and activities in collaboration with Dolores GHeredia-Wood (DRFF&YP)

There is food provided and students can also bring in any favorite snacks and drinks.

The space provides a common space for youth to interact with other UU youth and share ideas and plan common goals.  It is meant to be an independent and interactive setting to develop lifelong friendships and strong sense of self.

COA Components throughout program: 2017-18 and 2018-19

Click link for Calendar and General Program Information:

2018-19 COA General Program Information dghw.rv2.6

2018-19 COA Snack sign up list

*COA Part 1 of a 2 year program 

We are opting to extend the Coming of Age (COA) as a two year program in order to offer a more balanced and complete program. COA potential participant and families will be contacted directly.

Peace & Social Justice; Self Expression; and COA Part 1 of 2*. Some examples of current High School Youth Group activities include: sending care packages to the Concord Prison; working on wall mural that symbolizes the First Parish youth activities and UU Principles as well as discussions about moral and ethical dilemmas facing UU teens and a mission trip to New Orleans to help victims of Katrina (NOLA.) Other occasions have included overnights, creating haunted houses for younger youth, the Coffee House, General Assembly, or remodeling the UU High School Room, visiting places of worship of other religions, or exploring other religions with special events at church, like Zen Tea Ceremonies, or Hindu Chakra color/sound immersion, etc.. Email updates are sent weekly to youth about upcoming events and high school sessions.

 COA- Part 1, the first year; this part of the program is incorporated in the High School Group Morning Sessions. On these days the emphasis will be for our youth to know Unitarian Universalist in a broader sense. We are strongly encouraging the attendance of youth who will be participating in COA-Part 2 in the second year.

 COA-Part 2, the second year; the sessions will be held in addition to the morning High School Group session. The focus for this year is an inner reflective exploration of what it means to them as individuals to be a Unitarian Universalist.    

Click link for Calendar and General Program Information:

2018-19 COA General Program Information dghw.rv10.5                                                                                                      

Bridging Program: This program is offered to Senior’s. We offer a reflective mini-retreat towards the end of the year. The Bridging program offers a place for youth to reflect upon what it has been like to grow up Unitarian Universalist as well as learn about what opportunities are available to them after graduation. They explore campus ministry opportunities and local and national young adult programs. At the end of the year, seniors prepare speeches and take part in the First Parish Bridging ceremony in June which honors their transition from youth to young adults within Unitarian Universalism.

Religious Education Youth Council Members-Middle and High School youth representatives are invited to take part in RE Council meetings and planning & organizing  events collaboratively  with the  Director of Religious Education & Faith Formation and other RE Council members who sign up for events.

Please note: Allergies are a shared responsibility. We have students with nut and other allergies.

Parents with students with allergies, please make sure students make others aware of their allergies.