First Parish UU Church of Chelmsford Safe Child Policy

All REFF volunteers are required to  be vaccinated and mask requrirements are per FPCC/RECouncil Covid Task Force Guidance.  

First Parish is following guidelines from the CDC; MA State Governance and FPC COVID-19 Task Force: [email protected]

REFF Safety Protocols during Pandemic:

  • Volunteers must be vaccinated
  • Pandemic Safety Parental Wellness Screening Form -following FPCC/RECouncil Covid Task Force Guidance
  • Masks worn following FPCC/RECouncil Covid Task Force Guidance.  
  • Youth will be supervised as hands are cleaned/sanitized prior to stepping into care of group
  • Social Distancing will be maintained within reason
  • Snacks or food following FPCC/RECouncil Covid Task Force Guidance.   

Safe Child Policy and CORI for RE Volunteers:  

In order for our students and congregation to flourish it is important that all of us want to make sure that we offer them the safest environment possible.  That is why we are very pleased that  implementation of the CORI policy (2013) and National Background Checks (June 2018) for all RE Faith Formation (Church School) Volunteers.  Along with the Safe Child Policy and Code of Conduct  all RE Faith Formation Program Volunteers need to fill out the forms at the beginning of the year. If you have not filled out the forms already for this year, they will be available at the “RE” Faith Formation table during the Social Hour.

For more information about FPC Safe Child Policy please contact:

Dolores GHeredia-Wood, DRE&FF [email protected]

INS 2018 REFF FPC Safety & Health Policy

INS 2018 -FPC-Code-of-Conduct.rv.2018.4.22 REC

The Nursery & Pre-K Class room drop-off and pick-up:

Drop-off for our Nursery and Pre K class begins at 15 minutes prior to the church service at 10:00 am.

We ask that parents let their Nursery/Pre K caregiver know that their child is ready to attend and the care and responsibility for the child will be shifted to the nursery care giver.

Please note: Nursery sign-in is required. If there are more than 8 children in the nursery an extra adult volunteer must stay to assist with the children. If a parent arrives with children and there are already 8 children in the room, that parent will be asked to say in the nursery with their child until an extra qualified nursery volunteer can be found. Do not leave your child in the room unless there is an two FPC Certified Nursery Caregivers or a qualified volunteer or staff member. If there are not two adults, please stay until we can find a volunteer.

The nursery caregiver staff is certified by the Red Cross in Pediatrics First Aid, CPR and have been through Red Cross Child Care Training. Some of our nursery staff has further qualifications.

For information or questions about the Nursery or Nursery Caregivers or to be a volunteer please contact:

Dolores GHeredia-Wood at [email protected]


Remember Allergies are a shared responsibility by everyone. Please read following information & requests:

Make sure to write and update allergies on registration sheets and UUFF Group Room Binders sheet. On Sunday mornings we provide a light snack of fruits and organic popcorn, High school class snack is “Munchkins”. Youth can bring in a small portioned alternative snack for themselves too.   Also on occasions we have events that foods will be provided or we ask the families to bring food. If you do bring food, please include options that everyone can enjoy and/or label food ingredients clearly. Make your child is aware that allergies are a shared responsibility. Teach them to immediately inform an adult if they are have medication or intend to or have if they are having a reaction. Leaders and adults immediately inform: Director of Religious Faith Formation (DRE&FF) Dolores GHeredia-Wood