Lifespan Faith Formation Soul of Aging Program 2019-20

Soul of Aging Program-          

Dear FPC beloved… “older, mature, elder, 55 plus(?) friends and members,

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”  -Eleanor Roosevelt

Facilitated by:  Rev. Ellen

Starting Date:  Saturday, October 5th, 10:00am to 12:30 ~ Informative Orientation

Tentative Dates of Sessions: Oct. 6; Nov. 3; Dec. 8; Jan. 5; Feb. 2; Mar. 1; April 5; May 3

Times:  12:00pm to 2:30

Reflective Sessions: One Saturday a Month,10:00am to 12:00; Dates: Nov. 2; Dec. 7; Jan 4; Feb. 1; Feb.29; April 4; May 2

 What is The Soul of Aging Program?

As part of Faith Formation, you are invited to participate in The Soul of Aging, a small group program consisting of 6-10 members of our congregation who are interested in doing inner work around the challenges, joys, and possibilities involved in the aging process.  The sessions will last 2½ hours each, once a month. In addition, optional Reflective Sessions one Saturday a month.

At the center of The Soul of Aging is the exploration of: “What does it mean to be spiritually literate as we age?” This series is for people who yearn to explore these topics together and who long to understand, surrender to, and be transformed by the aging process. The themes address many of the spiritual aspects of this season of our lives, including questions of forgiveness, where we are in our spiritual development, what aspects of ourselves are still yearning for expression, our relationship with time, how to love and serve others, and the notion of befriending our own deaths. Clearly these themes invite a level of honesty and self-disclosure along the way. If you are drawn to, and long for such an exploration, please consider this program!

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