Sunday Morning Opportunities for Ministry

There are many, many opportunities for you to volunteer to participate in our Sunday services for the entire coming year. Please sign up on the bulletin board next to the coffee makers, or call the office at 978-256-5133 and leave a message.

-- Light the chalice, with a brief (1-2 minute) reflection or reading. If you need help picking a reading, our minister can suggest resources--or use the chalice lightings at the back of the hymnal. Also check chalice lightings on UUA web site.

-- Provide social hour (coffee, tea, & juice for the children); if you’ve never done it, contact a Parish Affairs person (see the sign-up list) to be teamed with a more experienced person. Directions for doing coffee hour are also provided on the sign-up bulletin board.

-- Greet people with a friendly word and help newcomers meet people or find someone to answer their questions (contact the Membership Committee Chairperson, if you haven’t greeted before; printed instructions are available). Greeting is not the same as ushering, by the way!

-- Provide flowers for Sunday worship. You can bring flowers or arrange to have them delivered. Please be aware that you need to sign up to provide flowers--you can’t call and assume your chosen Sunday will be available, because someone else may have signed up already!

-- Do a Reading in the service, or even participate more fully in a lay-led service. Sign up as a lay reader and you will be contacted by the minister or a member of the Worship Committee when they need readers for a service