March is a month of resurrection. Flowers and plants that have gone dormant for months will push forth from the cold earth and rise up again to meet the sunshine and the rain. I think sometimes my spirit does the same thing. It greets the warmth of spring with a kind of hopeful renewal. Like the flower that opens its petals to the radiance and warmth of the new season I want to open my arms and embrace the freshness that appears to paint the earth anew in lush greens and bright colors.

This is the season of the vernal equinox, Easter, Ostara, Holi, Naw Ruz, and Ramadan. Many old and modern cultures recognize the equinox as the beginning of the new calendar year. In fact, before 1752 the American colonies celebrated New Year’s Day on March 25. Spring is a time for renewal and reawakening.

This month I will offer an Earth Circle on March 19 at 6:30 pm. We will honor the Spring Equinox, adolescence, and the mystery of renewal. People of all religious traditions are welcome. Please bring a short poem and a snack to share.

On March 12 I will be delivering a second sermon on Radical Welcoming with a focus on how a congregation is an invaluable part of the church’s welcoming program. Come learn how you can become an ambassador without having to move to a foreign country.

– Ken Langer

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