Online Service Information - Please sign up on our event list to receive a ZOOM link each week to our Sunday Services at  Once you have submitted your request you will receive, and need to respond to, a confirmation request. Rev. Ellen will send the link before the following Sunday. Note that sometimes these emails are considered junk by your email provider so be sure to look in that folder too!

Recordings of our virtual church services (starting with Sunday, March 22) are available on the church website, on the same page where all of our sermon recordings are generally available (you can use the menus to get to previous years' recordings):

The audio for the most recent available sermon is available directly on that page, and the sermon list below gives you access to other sermons and other formats.

For any service that gets recorded, there is always an audio recording, which will usually be just the sermon portion of the service. For the virtual ("pajama church") services, we should be able to provide a video of the entire service for anyone that missed it (3/22 is available, I am currently waiting to process 3/29).

For the more technically inclined - the sermons are also available as a podcast using this URL:

If anyone has technical difficulties accessing the recordings, please feel free to contact me.

Dave Kaffine

 A new way to Donate!  -  We now have a Donate button on our webpage! This will allow those attending our on-line services (or anyone!) to easily make a donation to First Parish. All donations made with the Donate button will be applied to contributors' 2019-2020 pledges. Donations from folks who did not make a 2019-2020 pledge will be recorded as "Known Donor" contributions.

We are still happy to process checks that come to us in the mail, either from you or from your bank. We are aware that this is a stressful time. This is simply information for those who are able to contribute, and not an added pressure.

Although this is well-understood and reliable technology, it is new to us as a church community, and there may be a few bumps. Please let Brenda Rogers know if you have any problems, concerns or questions.  Special thanks to Joan Coyne and Neil Harmon for helping us get this implemented so quickly!

Thank you for all the ways you support each other, and our beautiful First Parish Community.

~ Brenda Rogers (Standing Committee Chair), Carla Corey (Collector), Diana Keohane (Treasurer)