First Parish has 4 email announcement lists:

  • Shooting Star: The Shooting Star is the monthly newsletter of First Parish
  • Sunday Announcements: The Satellite and the Order Of Worship are available by email on Fridays.
  • Event Announcments: This announcement list lets members learn of upcoming Church events or other notices
  • Social Action: This announcement list allows members to be notified of social action events, and to receive the monthly social action newsletter

To sign up for one of the First Parish announcement lists, go to the URL for the list you'd like to sign up for:

Shooting Star:
Sunday Announcements:
Social Action:

Enter your email address on the form and submit your request to be added. You will receive a confirmation email. Reply to the email and you will be subscribed. If you are having problems confirming your subscription, please contact the office. If your email address has changed, just sign up for the list with the new email address.  The old one will be removed automatically after it bounces a few times.

To unsubscribe from the any of lists, click on the list you want to leave.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Enter the email address you want to unsubscribe, and click the unsubscribe button.  If you have any trouble unsubscribing, contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..