“Bearing witness through service to justice and peace”

Welcoming Congregation Committee sponsors programs in support of LGBTQ+ persons

Since July, 2007, First Parish Chelmsford has been recognized by the UUA as a Welcoming Congregation. This means we affirm and welcome people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer at every level of congregational life.

We have an ongoing Welcoming Congregation Committee to offer programs, alert the congregation to legislative initiatives that provide the opportunity to express our support of LGBTQ+ persons to legislators, and communicate with the appropriate church committees. The Committee meets the second Sunday of the month during the church year (September-June). If you are interested in joining this ministry please contact one of our co-chairs.

First Parish is committed to working for justice throughout the world, not just here in Chelmsford.
At First Parish we have 2 groups that work in the community to help feed those who need it.
Welcoming Congregation Committee sponsors programs in support of LGBTQ+ persons
First Parish has proudly marched in Pride marches in Boston, Worcester and Lowell
On Mother's Day each year, First Parish takes part in the Mother's Day Walk for Peace.
The Faith in Action Grant Program provides one-time financial support for social justice projects