Current Sermons

Name Intro
Rev. Ellen Spero, Betsy Beach, John Haberle, Jayne Boissonneault
Reverend Stephen Shick

Stephen Shick is Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Marlborough and Hudson where he served as Senior Minister.  As a parish minister he has also served congregations in Haverhill, MA and Portland, ME.

Rev. Ellen Spero and First Parish Congregants
Joan and Dennis Keane
Reverend Ellen Rowse Spero and Justine Sullivan
Rev. Ellen Spero, Dan and Tom Wight, Aggie Brennan, Ali Rubin, Olivia Hillman, and Michelle Hillman
Olivia, Bill, Devin, Emily, Isabella, Dan, and Artem
Ellen, Justine, Dolores, Ali, Tristan, Jeffrey, and Ethan
Heleena Mathew

Heleena Mathew is a Community Organizer at the Merrimack Valley Project

Reverend Douglas Wilson

The Rev. Douglas Wilson was born in Vancouver, grew up in Santa Barbara, and fell in love with the music of the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the mid-sixties.  He graduated from UCSB in religion and philosophy and from Starr King School for the Ministry and was ordained in Brooklyn in 1971.  After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 1973, he moved to UU Rowe Camp, which was founded in 1924.  Doug founded UU Rowe Conference Center in 1974, which he co-directed Rowe Camp and Conference Center, mostly with his wife Prue Berry, who is a lot nicer than he is, until 2012, when he retired.  Since then, he’s mostly been doing whatever he wants to do.

Katherine Canada
Rev. Ellen Spero, Frank Brusca, Dan Wight, and Joan Coyne
Steve Zocchi

Steve Zocchi has been the Music Director at First Parish since September of 2014.

Doug Aker and Frans Janssen
Rev. Ellen Spero, Rosemary McMullin, Deirdre Heck, and Caroline McMullin
Reverend Shayna Appel

Reverend Shayna Appel, a UU and UCC minister, serves the All Souls UU Church in Brattleboro, Vermont. She also serves as chaplain to First Responders in the Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains, for the Peterborough Fire & Rescue, the Townsend Fire & Rescue, the Granite State Critical Incident Response Team and the UU Trauma Response Ministry Team.

Jennifer Johnson

An intern minister at First Parish for the 2019-2020 church year, Jennifer is a seminarian in her final year at Meadville Lombard Theological School and a Candidate for Unitarian Universalist Ministry.

Rev. Ellen Spero, Dolores Heredia-Wood, Jennifer Johnson
Doug Aker and Rev. Ellen Spero
Reverend Elea Kemler, Reverend Carolyn Patierno, and Reverend Ellen Spero