Current Sermons

Name Intro
Reverend John Pastor

The Reverend John Pastor is currently the minister of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Gardner.

Rev. Ellen Spero, Sam Morse, Joan Coyne, and Ron Deschenes
First Parish Chelmsford Congregation
Laura Wagner - Executive Director of the UU Mass Action Network

Laura has been an active volunteer and activist with UU Mass Action since 2011 and formally accepted her role as Acting Executive Director in April of 2014. She follows in the footsteps of the previous Executive Director, Jesse Jaeger, who provided three years of leadership and visioning that helped to grow UU Mass Action into a powerful organizing force.

Joan Coyne, Ellen Mellen, Donna Mitchelson, Marisha Rowse, and Rosemary McMullin
Rev. Allison Palm

The Reverend Allison Palm is a Program Assistant at the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association.

Rev. Lilia Cuervo

The Rev. Lilia Cuervo, a native of Colombia, was the first Latin American woman ordained in the Unitarian Universalist denomination. She pioneered full time ministry in Spanish in San Jose, CA. where she served for six and a half years. At First Parish in Cambridge she also made history by being the first woman (and a Latina at that!) to be installed as a Parish Minister. She just ended four years of very productive multicultural ministry there.

Lynne Cole
Dolores Heredia-Wood, Rev. Ellen Spero, Michael, and Marion
Rev. Ellen Spero, Marion, Aggie Brennan, Michelle Hillman, Ethan Hirsch, and Carole Russell
Coming of Age Participants, Mentors, and Facilitators
Rev. Ellen Rowse Spero, Janice Tervo, and Steve Zocchi
Justine Sullivan

Justine Sullivan is a candidate for the Unitarian Universalist Ministry and is our Ministerial Intern, beginning in the fall of 2015 and serving and learning through June of 2017.  Justine is pursuing her Master of Divinity degree at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago through Meadville’s Touchpoint program, which requires travel to Chicago only a few times each year.

Justine Sullivan and Elizabeth Valentine
Jayne Boissonneault, Sarah Manning, Suzanne Wilson, Leslie Yauckoes, Carla Corey, and Donna Mitchelson
Neil Harmon
Rev. Dr. Anita Farber-Robertson

Reverend Anita has been a Unitarian Universalist minister for over 20 years, serving as the settled minister of Unitarian Universalist congregations in Canton, MA and Swampscott, MA, and currently serves as the interim minister in Northborough, MA

James Galasinski
Susan Woodmansee, Andrea and Doug Long, Kathleen Cullen, and Joan Coyne
Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh

The Rev. John Gibb Millspaugh is nationally known (within Unitarian Universalism) for organizing 400 congregations to pass a UUA Statement of Conscience on food and environmental justice, for helping to develop one of the most popular TEDx Talks of all time, and for his national keynotes and workshops ranging from an hour to four days, all about the spirituality and practice of leadership.

John joins us from Medford, Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their four-year-old son. John began his work for Unitarian Universalism serving in the office of the President from 1997-2001 as he earned a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Since then his experiences have included serving UU congregations as a UU minister in California and Massachusetts for eleven years, and as District/Regional Director of Congregational Development for New England for two years.

Although John occasionally has to write about himself in the third person, he prefers amateur photography (which opens his perception to the beauty always nearby), playing guitar for his son (who is too young to let poor musical technique interfere with joy), performing magic (starting at age four and still fooling no one), meditating regularly (or at least regularly--and quite seriously--planning to meditate as soon as today, or no later than tomorrow or the day after), and most of all, authentic conversation with open-minded people who share an interest in lifelong learning and in serving something larger than themselves.