Planning Study to Begin

With the support of the Congregation, The Next Steps Task Force has retained Brian Raiche and Cornerstone Fundraising, a professional religious and non-profit fundraising firm, to conduct a capital campaign planning study.

During the next several weeks, First Parish members will be contacted and asked to take part in the study. Staff from the Cornerstone team will be conducting one-on-one personal interviews and focus groups with randomly selected families and individuals of the Congregation. A direct mail study questionnaire will be mailed to every home as well and will be available to complete during social hour.

 Careful consideration and thoughtful planning are required for us to take this step. This is why feedback from members is of the utmost importance at this time. Your opinions and suggestions will enable us to form a final plan that will help meet the needs of our entire community.

All responses to the planning study will be confidential and no names will be attributed to remarks or comments made.

We are most grateful for your advice, counsel and willingness to participate in this process so that we may perform this study with your open and honest input.

Questions — see John Schneider, [email protected] or @jrsgateway


Thank you for your continued support!