Committee Reports

May 2, 2017

The Welcoming Congregation Committee has reviewed and consolidated our “stuff” in storage. We are donating extra copies of books from past book discussions, recycled obsolete papers, and moved stuff out of the closet that will no longer be used. At least we THINK we got it all. If you run across anything you think might belong to us that isn’t in the closet in the chapel in a bin labeled WCC or at least labeled WCC, please let us know. We do have a lot of stuff, but one whole bin, plus two boxes, are supplies for our annual TDOR vigil.

On Friday May 19, at 7 pm, we will be hosting our annual Movie Night. We hold Movie Night this weekend because May 17 is the anniversary of Marriage Equality being legal in Massachusetts. It is also International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.  The movie is PRIDE, a true story about an unusual gay-straight alliance formed when U.K. gay activists worked to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.

We continue with plans to participate in the Boston Pride Parade, which will be on Saturday June 10, Our two marshals are Warren Flewellen  and Cheryl Wilson. We plan  to carpool from the church to the T.

The Standing Committee approved our suggestion that we apply for renewal of our recognition as a Welcoming Congregation. We did this because we’re coming up to the 10th anniversary of being recognized as a Welcoming Congregation and the UUA recommends that churches that have been Welcoming for more than 5 years apply for renewal. They recommend this because there are constant changes in the LGBT+ world and because people who joined the church after the Welcoming recognition need to be brought into the church’s commitment to being Welcoming. In fact, the acronym itself has changed significantly since the church went through the process of becoming Welcoming. The process of applying for renewal consists of forming a Team to review how the Church’s original commitments have been met, what has changed that needs to be addressed, and what the Church could do to be even more Welcoming. The Standing Committee empowered the Welcoming Congregation Committee to form the Team, which should be composed of a cross-section representing young, old, new, and long-time, gay, and heterosexual congregational members. It is expected to take 6 to 8 meetings to complete the work of the Team, which will probably begin in the fall. The  WCC has already reached out to former members of the Welcoming Congregation Committee, who guided the church through the process. If any of you would be interested in participating, please talk to Warren Flewellen ([email protected])or Dee Halzack ([email protected])

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Halzak

The Grounds Committee is in full swing. Thank you personally, Nancy and Linda Horn for helping me to prepare Westford St for May Breakfast. There are still quite a few projects to go: some weeding designing the bed around our newly planted Fringe Tree, which blooms in June. It is our replacement for the Maple. The donation was made by Samantha Sager. We need a little more help for mowing season.   Martha

Parish Affairs: Coffee hour is going well.  We replaced the leaking coffee pot on Sunday and I’ll be interested to hear what people think of the new taller one we have.   I will probably buy another one if it gets a good response, so that we have a backup. Thanks, Edith

The Nominating Committee completed our list of officers for the 2017-2018 church year and submitted it to the Standing Committee.

Women’s Alliance is waiting on information from the Archives to proceed with cleaning the Alliance Parlor. Additionally, we have set-up a meeting with the Accessibility Building Project Design team leader, to figure out who is moving first and what is going where.

The Young Adult group hosted a successful Canvass Success luncheon this past Sunday. The YA’s teamed up with the High School youth Sunday morning during class to prepare. We had a great time listening to the service while we worked.

RE Council is starting to wind down this year and plan for next year. This Sunday we will be helping Dolores with the Milestone service. The RE Council is hosting Social Hour after the service. We will be having our May meeting after Social Hour where we will be discussing the last few events of the church year as well as starting to brainstorm for next year.

May Breakfast: I with help purchased a new fryer that will be debuted at this year’s May Breakfast. I am hoping that the increased capacity will lead to more sales. If all goes well, we will be using it for the July 4th Breakfast as well. We have not determined if we will need the old fryer as well; this depends on volume. We sold May Baskets at two coffee hours already with success and plan on selling them at May Breakfast. We have had many people donate fudge which is a huge help and this year we started selling flowers as an alternative with success as well.