Church Council Minutes November 5, 2009
Attendees: Dee Halzak, Leila Pelosi, Tracy Clifford, Dave Kaffine, Corneila Kirkpatrick, Deb Grad,
John Fisher, Lynne Cole and Walter Cole
Committees Publicity, Welcoming, Caring Connection,Nominating, Green, Music, RE, Out Reach
Human resources, Human Resources, Membership, Pastoral Care,
Information Technology, and Worship.
Welcoming Committee
They are planning a book discussion and showing a film.
Dates have not been set.
Caring Connection
They have had a very busy fall..
They are working with the Holiday fair to have coverage in the papers. They are also
publicizing the Sunday evening services.
They are working on defining “Qualities of Leadership”, updating the database with people who
are active in the church . They are asking “if the church is meeting their needs”
Signing up to do the coffee hour on November 29th and they are doing the Welcome and
announcements for December. Kristy Medina: Kristy has a show on the local TV channel
and is looking for audience members for her 11/13 show. It’s taped at the Parker Middle
School and is at 7:00. Events for the year: Kristy volunteered to run a workshop that would
teach us how to make items out of recycled things. We talked about the possibility of doing it
before the holiday fair so we could sell items at the fair. In the spring show the movie
“The Story of Stuff”, have a zero waste dinner, and discussion on how to reduce the
amount of waste we have. Looking for alternatives to the disposable plastic cups use for the
juice at coffee hour.
The piano is being tuned more due to it’s condition. Cyndi is looking at starting a children s
hand bell choir this year. She will probably due Junior choir for half a year and then the second
half have the hand bells. The Meeting House Ringers are performing in Lowell at the temple
Emanuel on November 6th and at church on November 8.
as had a meeting with all of the various committees that do fund raising. A good connection
was made among the different groups along with more understanding of what each group is
trying to accomplish. The church has been asked by the Elliot church in Lowell to do 1 meal a
week for the needy. This is a little more than we can handle right now. There is an opportunity

Church Council Minutes November 5, 2009
for folks to volunteer at the Episcopal church in Lowell helping people with English. They are
looking for native English speakers who would converse with an individual for practice based
on that day’s lesson. No other language skills required.
The first teaching rotation is finished. The basis for this year’s RE classes is “Our Covenant”.
Each session will be one of the points of the covenant. RE is asking committees to assist in
teaching. IE Welcoming Committee. They are working on the pageant for this years holiday.
Human Resources
They are concerned about the budget for next year and will there be funds for the RE
Administrative Assistant (REAA). This has been a big help to the RE program.
The REAA has been a big help by letting membership know of new families.
At the last new comers coffee there where 10 new people. They are developing a new
welcoming guide for new members. A new members reception was held for people who had
joined the church last year as well as for those who celebrated their 10 year membership.
Pastoral Care
Busy this year. Two members are going to a workshop held by the UUA Clara Barton District
on “Creating Pastoral Care Lay teams”.
Information Technology
Is working on several issues first and fore most getting the REAA a computer. The big concerns
are securing the wireless network and backing up the computers. They will be working on a 5
year plan for the church’s equipment.
Announced that they have a new member. The long awaited worship pamphlet
is going to press.
Faith in Action Grant was approved for $700.00 for the New Orleans Out reach
Charter statement form was reviewed and approved Walter will make a first pass at the Church
Council’s charter statement and send it to everyone. Our goal is the have the final form approved and
ready to be sent to every committee in December and have them returned by February 28, 2010
A discussion was had on what belongs in the minutes for privacy.