Jul 15 2009

June 2009 SC Minutes


Standing Committee June 9, 2009 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Attendance: Carole Russell, Tom Coffey, Marybeth Bush, Ron Deschenes, Dave Seltz, Tom Wight, Carla Corey, Cornelia Kirkpatrick, Jon Rehmus. For open forum: Chris Sweetnam, Tim O’Hara, Johan Mackenzie

1. Call to order and centering

2. Open forum – Music Committee on sanctuary piano

• Tim O’Hara – Piano Update
1. Funds for the current sanctuary piano were donated by Charlotte DeWolf several years ago and the music director at the time, Pat Moore, selected and purchased it with those funds.
2. Looking into the other pianos.
3. The Standing committee has asked the Music committee to put together a report that lists all options.
• Johan Mackenzie and Chris Sweetnam – Master plan update
Four architects were interviewed last church year among which were Carl Oldenburg and Menders, Torrey & Spencer.
Menders, Torrey & Spencer $16,000 + $1500 master space
Carl $15/hr @ `160 hrs = $17,000 + reimbursements
1. Questions
a. Are the current architects enough to choose from?
b. A vote was held to go to one more architect and make a decision in September
i. All Approved
c. The Standing Committee will meet with MT&S, Carl, and other architect.
d. Other church committees also have to have someone available to work with the architect.
e. It was suggested that we might have to re-organize the committees now if we are going to go forward with the master plan.
• The new sign in front of the church was delayed but is now moving forward.
1. The new sign should be out front by the end of June
• Long Range Planning update
1. Will have $37,796 in funds available for next fiscal year
2. Looking at spending on
a. Architecture review for growth and space
b. Asbestos removal in boiler room
c. New Faith in action grants
d. Steeple repair and painting.
e. Repair of church walkways.
3. Two church doors (front and side) are broken and will be looked at.
4. Johan is thinking about having a book available for people to write down maintanance issues they see in the church. A committee would be formed to address the issues. When issues are addressed it would be indicated in the book.

3. Distribution of materials – Agenda, reports: treasurer, DRE, …
• [ACTION] Carole/Treasurer and Carla/Clerk need to get themselves added as authorized signers on the Fidelity account.

4. Review and approve meeting minutes for May 12
• Meeting minutes will be approved by email. This will be done by email by Friday June 12. [ACTION]
5. New business
 Budget Proposal
o Nursery school and First Parish decided on at 15% increase in rent
o Cell tower two money will be used to balance the budget. Right now the amount is 12K but that may change depending on the finalized budget for FY 2010
o Publicity was decreased because we double counted the phone directory cost.
o We increased the amount we set aside for the needy.
o All members approved that the budget be put before the congregation
 4th of July
o Caroline McMullin has agreed to chair the July 4th budget
o It was proposed to put a booth outside the church on the night of July 3rd with information on the church – [ACTION] Ron Deschenes is going to organize the booth.

6. Review and approve treasurer’s report
• The completed treasurer‘s report was not ready for the meeting
• We have plenty of funds until the end of the year (surplus of 10K)
• We have given Ellen and Sadie all the money that is owed them for their pensions. The money for Ellen did not go into the right place though.
1. Carole Russell is going to contact the UUA to fix this.
• No other reconciliation issues.
• Carole will send out the treasurer’s report for the Standing committee to review.

7. Review Submitted reports:
• Jon Rehmus (Sabbatical Minister)
1. Demands on Jon’s time have been managed well – thanks go to the Sabbatical committee.
2. Days that Jon will be at church have been posted (outside the minister’s study).
3. Jon has worked with pastoral care team to help congregation members who are in on-going crisis.
4. Jon is impressed with how well the church handles its fiscal issues.
5. Jon discussed some ways in which our covenant may or may not be completely followed.
a. The Green committee was concerned with follow up from the covenant retreat because they have not heard about follow up.
b. The business manager plan was delayed because of fiscal issues.
c. The Social action plan was not really followed up on.
d. The Standing committee does feel that the covenant itself has been supported.
6. Jon does feel that the church is preparing itself for committee and organizational changes in the context of growth.
7. Jon wants to make sure that Ellen is warmly welcomed back and wants to make sure the congregation is thinking about that now.
1. The last month has been good and Sadie is feeling appreciated and supported.

8. Old business:
 Ellen Spero Performance Appraisal plan – Check-in
• The Standing committee needs to review the Human resource manual and approve it so that the HR committee can start using it. [ACTION] members should review by Friday June 12th.
1. A lot of work went into the new HR manual.
2. [ACTION] Ellen’s appraisal input from SC members should be turned in by June 14th.
3. Carole has reviewed the performance appraisals of the rest of the staff and approved them.
 Rear septic update – Ron – No update (we have not heard from Town Hall), system is running OK right now.
 Old Town hall discussion re space availablity – No update
 Summer retreat – Ron
• Ron has a rough draft of what the SC will do at the summer retreat
1. Centering
2. Team building
3. Chalice lighting for September 13th
4. Talk about second service
5. Year end review
6. Living our covenant
7. Talk about committee restructuring
• Carole wants to make sure we re-covenant with Ellen and also that we talk about committee restructuring.
• Maybe report back to Ellen on what happened while she was gone.
• Ellen can report to us on what she did on her sabbatical.
• Ron will send out a proposed draft for the retreat [ACTION]
 Preparations for the Annual meeting – Carla
• Need to know who is going to moderate. – We will ask Bill Drury if he would like to moderate.
• Vote on new members
• Accept the minutes from January 25th Annual meeting
• Elect officers
• LRP budget
• Recognition of staff and people going off committees as well as 25-year members will happen during the service on June 14th.
• New members and soon to be new members will be recognized during the service.
 LRP re-chartering / combining and possible elected positions Tom Wight Update
• The re-chartering group met and put together a survey which they sent out. They have received 4-5 responses.
• [ACTION] Tom will send out survey to SC members.
• [ACTION] Standing committee members should fill out survey by the end of the month.
• [ACTION] Tom will send out minutes from the re-chartering groups last meeting
 Sabbatical update – Cornelia

Other new Items
 Action Item list update
 Audit and close the books
• We need three people to audit the books (at the end of July)
• Maybe Carla Corey, Deb Grad, Jeanne Thompson – [ACTION] Carla will put together group to review the books, accounting procedures and Financial Statements in preparation for the Annual Report.
 Carla will tell Carol Sano that she can use PayPal to renew domain name.
 We would like to honor Jane Drury and want to start a dialogue on ways to do this, not only for Jane but for other long term members who have given years of service to First Parish. On the same lines we discussed getting a plaque for the tree that was planted in Norm’s name. These items will be picked up on a future agenda after Ellen’s return
 Next Meeting is July 14th
• Talk about Ellen’s Performance Appraisal.
• Election of new standing committee positions.
• Old and new SC members will come to the July meeting
• Plan Ellen’s Welcome Back Celebration.

9. Other staff, subcommittee or liaison reports – none presented
10. Adjourn – All Approved

Next Month Agenda:
• Review of our “covenant”

Future Agenda items:
• Safe Child Policy – Review and update

Action Items
# Action Owner Due Date Status Creation Date
1 Come up with a procedure for checks and balances of the collection plate Carla Oct 7 In Progress Sep 9
2 Plan to insure that LRP is included in audit Carla June (plan) In Progress March
3 Cornelia will work with the Standing committee to put together an intern Minister committee. By next SC meeting Carole August In Progress Oct 08
4 Look into the Good Samaritan law and how it applies to legal issues with serving food in church – will talk to Marybeth April 14 Open March 10
5 Communicate when and how to start interview process to Sadie (start getting resumes but do not conduct interviews until after June 14th Annual meeting). Marybeth June 9th Open May 12
6 Plan food for Standing committee summer retreat Marybeth August 1 Open May 12
7 Carla has to work with Carole on Fidelity signing authority Carla June 21st Open June 9th
8 Approve Standing Committee meeting minutes from May 12 by e-mail All June 12th Open June 9th
9 Ron Deschenes is going to organize the booth in front of the church the night of the July 4th fireworks Ron Deschenes July 3rd Open June 9th
10 Review Human resource manual All June 12th Open June 9th
11 Ellen’s appraisal input sent in. All June 14th Open June 9th
12 Send out a draft agenda proposed for the Standing Committee retreat Ron Deschenes July 7th Open June 9th
13 Send out re-chartering committee survey to SC members Tom Coffey June 12th Open June 9th
14 Fill out survey by the end of the month All June 30 Open June 9th
15 Send out minutes from the re-chartering group’s last meeting Tom Coffey June 12th Open June 9th
16 Put together group to review the books. Carla Corey July 7th Open June 9th

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Church's governing board. The Standing Committee works to ensure the vitality of our community of faith. There are 10 members of the Standing Committee – nine voting members elected by the congregation and the minister, who is a non-voting member of the Committee. Standing Committee members serve a 3 year term.

The Standing Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Time is set aside at the beginning of every SC meeting as an open forum for members to bring forward any issues they would like to discuss.

The Standing Committee is responsible for the health and well being of First Parish. This includes maintaining communication among members and committees, managing Church property, and planning for the Church's short and long-term future. And of course members of the Standing Committee develop and manage the budget approved by the Congregation at the annual meeting.
The Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Standing Committee.