Oct 15 2009

September 2009 SC Minutes

Standing Committee meeting September 10, 2009
Alliance Parlor 7 p.m.

In attendance: Marcia Allison, Marybeth Bush, Tom Coffey, Walter Cole, Tom Wight, Carole Russell, Ellen Spero, Carla Corey, Ron Deschenes, and Bonnie Rankin
Ellen led us in a centering.
Open Forum: Johan MacKenzie and Chris Sweetnam were present to talk about the roof, the steeple and the architects.
Johan’s Report:
Started to get quotes for the Steeple renovations-Safety Rail needs to be replaced, Right hand side slates are in bad shape. Contractor recommended that we repair the roof first. Our roof currently is covered with Black Munsen Slate.
Roofing issues will be more expensive if decking needs to be replaced.
Johan has been in contact with Bob Morse who is looking into getting the towns structural engineer to look at the roof and decking.
There have been no signs of water damage on walls or wood or ice dams.
Being a historical building, Johan is also meeting with the Historical District to get their blessings on the type of materials we can use. They meet the first Monday of the month and must approve what we use. The first meeting with them will be educating them on the roofs condition, the second meet we would present what we would like to do.
At our State of Society Meeting on September 20th, 2009 the congregation will vote on using monies to repair the roof before painting the steeple. We are trying to get the repairs completed before winter. At our Annual Meeting in June the congregation approved $15,000 LRP money to be used for painting the steeple.
Roof quotes:
GB Restoration:
Repair the slates missing or broken = $6,700
2. Replace roof in slate = $40,000
Replace with 30 yrs. Asphalt shingles = $27,000
Asphalt looking slate 50 yrs. = $33,000

Old School Roofing:
To repair loose tiles only = $2,800

Better Built:
To Replace with 30 yrs. Asphalt shingles $34,200
Action item: Carole Russell will provide Johan MacKenzie with the name of another contractor.

Steeple Paint Quote:
McGuire (does minor Carpentry work) = $15,000
Johan MacKenzie with continue to get quotes thru early October.

Architects: We will bring in 3 Architects to present their Master Plan at the end of September. We will be meeting Thursday September 24 at 6:30 (for two presentations) and Tuesday September 29th for the third presentation at 6:30 to see their presentations.
Johan has met with 3 qualified architects, interviewed them and received proposals:
DSA, Menders, Spencer and Torrey, Carl Oldenberg
Meeting to Begin
Distribution of Materials-Agenda; reports form Treasurer, DRE and Minister.
Review Minutes from June , and July:
We need to review June minutes and need to clarify the statement “the piano was donated”: Moneys for the current sanctuary piano were donated by Charlotte Wolf and music director Pat Moore selected and purchased the current piano. The language will be changed and we will review the changes at the October meeting.
Action item-Carla Corey will make the correction to the June minutes.
July minutes were reviewed and approved. Tom Wight made a motion that we approve the July minutes. Carole seconded the motion. It was voted unanimously to accept the July minutes.
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Carole Russell
As for the current year we are behind but expect to be caught up by November. Committee expenses have been light. Financially we are doing O.K.
At the end of year money from Sabbatical ($10,000) and Music ($1000)Escrow was taken and put into the operating budget to make ends meet.

There is an audit planned for next Tuesday Morning.

Cindy Gist continues to take care of everyday bills and it is going smoothly.

As Treasurer Carole Russell and clerk Carla Corey will be obtaining signing power for the AG Edward Fund.

As of August 31, 2009 everything was reconciled.

Tom Coffey moved that we accept the Treasurer’s Report, Walter Cole seconded the motion. It was voted unanimously to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Preparation for State of the Society
Who will we ask to moderate? Bill Drury, Paul Taylor, Deb Grad, and Kirk Kirkpatrick’s names were mentioned.
2 Reports will be handed out:
Treasurer’s Report- Carole asked us to review it and also asked what is a reasonable amount of data should we present.
Annual Report- Standing Committee’s Annual Report listed all that was accomplished in the past year.

We also voted on our minutes from the Standing Committee Retreat August 1, 2009.
Marcia Allison made a motion to approve the minutes, Walter Cole seconded the motion. We voted unanimously to accept the minutes from the Retreat.

We discussed the National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI using our space to hold a workshop for families who have members who suffer for mental illness. It will run for 12 weeks Oct.- Dec. for ~25 people and meet in the evening.
Questions of what to charge them came up; our usual fee for the chapel is $75, for non-profits it is half that fee. Being that they are a non-profit and inviting them to use our space was seen as outreach, Carole Russell made a motion that we should not charge them for the space rental, Ron seconded the motion. It was voted unanimously to allow the NAMI to use the Chapel on Monday nights for no charge.
Action Item: Marybeth will contact Leila and let her know.

Fiscal Budget Timeline-
Action Item Carla Corey will put it together.
3 Year Vision Team- After thinking about what similarities this group might have with the committee on Ministry, Ellen told us to go ahead and start this group. It was suggested that we try to distribute the leadership. Action Item: Tom Wight will lead the group and begin to recruit members. The goal to start the 3 Year Vision Team is October (?).

New Sign is up! Thank you to Chris Boucher.
Action Item: Ron will recognize Chris at the State of Society Meeting.
The Parish Ministers Report
Ellen is working on her goals.
Pastor Ella O’Neal who runs the Food Bank we helped rebuild during our Service Trip will be coming to First Parish On Sunday September 27th. Ellen asked that we have a special collection for this Food Bank.
Ellen will be attending an Alban Institute Workshop, beginning September 29th- Oct 1.
Tom Wight is also considering attending.
Ellen reminded us to read the minutes carefully. We read through the Standing Committee Covenant we will be reading with the congregation on Sunday.
Ellen also mentioned a leadership workshop with Margaret Benefiel, Friday September 18, 9:30-3:30 at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in Andover.

DRE Report
She asked us to approve hiring Zoe Stevens-North as a Second Primary Nursery Caregiver for the Sunday evening service. Carole Russell made a motion to hire Zoe, Marcia Allison Seconded the motion. We voted unanimously to hire Zoe Stevens-North.

We discussed Sadie idea of forming a “Dream Team” to support the DRE. Sadie will also be attending an OWL Training workshop.
Action Item: Marybeth as liaison to the RE will follow up with the committee.
Committee Liaisons
Marybeth (liaison to the RE Committee) reported that the RE Committee was asking about Fire Drills and the Safe Child Policy (which is already on the agenda for October Standing Committee Meeting). Deb Grad (RE Chair) also brought up two questions: 1.“ Do we have a policy about using personal computers for staff? Two huge issues are being asked: Security and Networking. We discussed having a church computer in Sadie’s office that Jill could use while she is working. Action Item: Marcia will look into the Policy. Question 2. “Do we have a Photo Policy? Yes: It is very broadly covered in our website policy. If the minor is identified then a written permission is necessary. Permission policies are periodically published in the shooting star.

Walter Cole (Church Council Chair) Presented a very complete list of all the committees, and their status. He will be asking all committees to build a format of their mission statements so that they contain # of members. He will be looking for similarities between committees. Next Church Council meeting Oct. 1.

Ellen Spero and Bonnie Rankin (liaison for the Outreach Ministry) Reported that there will be an Outreach Summit Saturday, October 17th.

Ron Deschenes will lead a Standing Committee Forum on Sunday during Coffee Hour. Our focus will be on the roof but will welcome any questions.

Carole Russell motioned that the meet be adjourned and marcia seconded the motion, and we all voted in favor of ending the meeting.
Briefly discussed the new Publicity/Web Committee and Carla Corey volunteered to be their Liaison.

Action Item Summary

Action item: Carole Russell will provide Johan Mackenzie with the name of another contractor.
Action item-Carla Cory will make the correction to the June minutes.
Action Item: Marybeth Bush will contact Leila Pelosi and let her know we will allow the National Alliance on Mental illness to use the chapel on Monday Nights at no charge.
Action Item Carla Corey will put the Fiscal Timeline together.
Action Item: Tom Wight will lead the group and begin to recruit members. Deadline to start the 3 Year Vision Team is October(?)
Action Item: Ron Deschenes will be acknowledge Chris Boucher at the State of Society Meeting.
Action Item: Marcia Allison will look into the Policy for computer use.
Action Item: Marybeth as liaison to the RE will follow up with the committee.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Church's governing board. The Standing Committee works to ensure the vitality of our community of faith. There are 10 members of the Standing Committee – nine voting members elected by the congregation and the minister, who is a non-voting member of the Committee. Standing Committee members serve a 3 year term.

The Standing Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Time is set aside at the beginning of every SC meeting as an open forum for members to bring forward any issues they would like to discuss.

The Standing Committee is responsible for the health and well being of First Parish. This includes maintaining communication among members and committees, managing Church property, and planning for the Church's short and long-term future. And of course members of the Standing Committee develop and manage the budget approved by the Congregation at the annual meeting.
The Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Standing Committee.