Dec 20 2009

December 2009 CC Minutes

Church Council Minutes December 3, 2009
Attendees: Dee Halzak, Leila Pelosi, Paul Windt, Ami Hughes, Martha Sherburne, Dave Kaffine,
Corneila Kirkpatrick, Joan Coyne, Ann Marie Sigdestad, Deb Grad, Lynne Cole and
Walter Cole
Committees Archives, Community Table, Publicity, Welcoming, Caring Connection,Nominating,
Green, Music, RE, Out Reach Human resources, Pastoral Care, Grounds,
Information Technology, and Worship.
Welcoming Committee
Nothing to report they are meeting next Sunday.
Caring Connection
Things have become quiet. They are sponsoring the lunch with the Rev on the 3rd Tuesday of
the month. They are looking for new members for next year.
We have been getting better coverage in the Lowell Sun and the Chelmsford Independent.
The information in the Independent has been updated to include the evening service. Stories
of Pastor Ella and the guest musician/composer Mike Ogletree.
On the web page there are now links to our Face book and Twitter pages.
Finishing the database on all of the friends and members of First Parish identifying the groups,
committees, and functions which they have been involved. Nominating will be talking with the
standing committee for any recommendations on the slate of officers.
Nominating is developing a list of leadership qualities.
In January or February will host a zero waste dinner, and discussion on how to reduce waste.
They will be showing the movie “Story of Stuff” followed by a discussion.
Good news the “fixes” that have been done on the piano are buying us some time.
The group formed by Will Reiter now has a named -”Voices of Light”.
The group “Rebuild Together” (formerly Christmas in April) one day a year in April this group
repairs homes and for those that do not have the resources to maintain their homes. Outreach is
looking into getting our church involved with this group.
This year it will be held on April 24, 2010. In conjunction with the Chelmsford Ministers group
we are looking into serving a meal in our church on a regular basis. Two members of the
outreach group went to the Elliot church in Lowell to observe. A full dinner was served and
well attended. Outreach is investigating participating perhaps next church year.
Is meeting on December 15th. They will be looking for volunteers in the spring for next year.
Human Resources
The RE Administrative Assistant (REAA) has completed the probationary period. HR is
recommending to the Standing committee that she be made permanent. HR is researching
staff sabbaticals. HR is developing more effective staff evaluation forms for this year.
Pastoral Care
The team continues to be busy, our next meeting is December 11th.
Information Technology
The REAA computer is ready and will be installed on Sunday December 6th.
We will be securing the WIFI in the church. The pass code will available to all members and
friends of the church.
The Worship pamphlet will be in place on Sunday December 6th. The Sunday evening services
continue to be averaging 10 people each week.
This winter a trellis is being made to cover the trash barrel by the vestry door.
Archives & Historical
Nothing new to report they are resting well.
Community Table
The next Community table is December 27th.
The cooking team will be hosting the social hour that day also.
Small Group Ministries
There are 6 groups active and there is enough interest for another co-ed group.
Both men’s group have openings.
Women’s discussion Group
Met last Tuesday at the Cafe Madrid. The next meeting is in January.
They are looking for new members and topics.
An informational dinner was held on November 14th . The deadline to get the room and board
money is December 20th. Currently there are 17 people who are interested in going.
For fund raisers there are several December 10th at Applebee’s with the coupon 20% of the bill
will be donated to the NOLA group. March 6, 2010 the Firehouse Band from the Littleton UU
church will give a benefit concert at our church with all of the funds going to the NOLA group.
Charter statement was gone over in detail
Our goal is the have the final form approved and ready to be sent to every committee in December and
have them returned by February 28, 2010
We started the process of developing our covenant.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Church's governing board. The Standing Committee works to ensure the vitality of our community of faith. There are 10 members of the Standing Committee – nine voting members elected by the congregation and the minister, who is a non-voting member of the Committee. Standing Committee members serve a 3 year term.

The Standing Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Time is set aside at the beginning of every SC meeting as an open forum for members to bring forward any issues they would like to discuss.

The Standing Committee is responsible for the health and well being of First Parish. This includes maintaining communication among members and committees, managing Church property, and planning for the Church's short and long-term future. And of course members of the Standing Committee develop and manage the budget approved by the Congregation at the annual meeting.
The Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Standing Committee.