May 2013 SC Minutes

Standing Committee Minutes

May 14, 2013

Called to order at 6:35 pm


In attendance:   Ami Hughes, Walter Cole, Dave Kaffine, Dee Halzack, David Blackburn, Joan Keane, Laura Nutter, Rev. Ellen Rowse-Spero,  Deirdre Heck, Warren Flewellen (via Skype) and Dolores Heredia-Wood as an observer. 


Spiritual Exploration- Continuation of the activity led by Joan in April.  Dee will lead in June.


Open Forum:  No items


Balcony Items

            Looking back/looking forward –Reviewed the year and started talking about next year


Dance Floor Items

1.     The Treasurers Report was reviewed and approved. 

2.     A motion was made to give permission to the Chair of Standing Committee (Walter Cole) to sign off on all performance evaluations for staff, other than Ellen’s, for this year. Motion approved.

3.     Canvass update:  As of 5/9 we were at $181k.  There were still 41 families and $47k that are not included in the numbers.  The Fiscal Sub-Committee is meeting on Saturday to review the budget and there will be a budget hearing on Sunday, May 19th.  Standing Committee will be meeting on June 4 at 6:30 to approve the budget for vote at the Annual Meeting.

4.     Photo policy:  A motion was made to approve the photo policy presented by the Web/Publicity Committee pending two changes to amend the wording.  Motion approved.

5.     Time-line review:  There are five weeks left to the church year.  Ellen has two sermons left.  Walter will invite the new SC members to the meeting on June 11. Reviewed the 2013/2014 timeline.  Deirdre will contact Town Hall regarding town common activities that are scheduled that may impact parking.  Standing Committee will be meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 for the 2013/2014 year.

6.     TOP ovens:  Walter spoke with Maureen from TOP and told her we would like to make a time commitment.  Maureen asked if TOP could have a table at the 4th of July Breakfast.  Motion was made to approve the request.  Motion approved.

7.     Field Ed Student Intern update:  Ellen spoke with the second FES and he said he can’t commit to it now due to life events.  Beau has accepted our conditional offer.  We will not ask for funding for a second position at the Annual Meeting.  Ellen recommended an Orientation Team for her which would be smaller than the one for Russ.  It will be mostly used to advise her on local logistics.

8.     Staff Reports-no questions or comments

9.     Liaison Updates:  Membership-had a second mini Fellowship Dinner and it was well attended.  Nominating-All positions have been filled and the list was sent to Laura Nutter with the slate of officers. Only positions up for vote will appear on the Warrant.  NC will be looking for new members.  HR-main topic has been performance evaluations.  Church Council-Cindy Gist did a mini class on annual reports.  They awarded three Faith In Action grants.  They would like to advertise more about them during the church year.

10.  Walter is going to start putting up a table at Coffeehour to have info available about the capital campaign.  We have a budgeted item in the Cell 2 budget for a study/consultation on the feasibility of a capital campaign.  Joan will contact the UUA and Ellen will contact her colleagues regarding how much it will cost to get a capital campaign started.  Joan will find out what resources the UUA has and how much they cost.

11.  Parking issues:  The signs had to be reordered.  A suggestion was made to SC to request that the staff not park in the parking lot.  It’s been discussed at staff meetings and the staff feels it’s unfair to ask them to park off-site as they spend long days at the church and have to go back and forth to their cars.  SC agreed.  The elevator ushers will help with directing parking.  Warren needs to update the map to add a few parking locations..



Action Items:

Dave K. to talk to payroll company about Jill’s rates.

Walter will invite the incoming new members to the SC meeting on June 11.

Joan will contact the UUA regarding capital campaign resources and fees.

Ellen will contact colleagues regarding their capital campaigns.

Warren to update the map for parking.

Deirdre to contact Town Hall regarding town common activities



Respectfully submitted by:

Ami Hughes