Church Council April Reports

Committee Reports

April 4, 2017

Committee on Ministry:   CoM met yesterday (Friday, March 31). We started to plan the all-church retreat for Sept 30th (please help spread the word!) and we also began the discussion about handling Ellen’s review (a new process for this year).  The retreat details are just beginning but it will be led by Larry Peers who will work closely with Ellen to define the direction.

The Women’s Alliance met to discuss the Accessibility Building Project. We discussed the history of Women’s Alliance and what we can do to increase our presence in the larger church. We planned our table display for the Committee Fair. Another important topic discussed was the Accessibility Building Project and its impact on the items in the Alliance Parlor.

The Young Adult Group has two new members. We shared a meal together and then went bowling. Both events were well attended and great conversations happened. The Young Adults will be hosting a Seder this upcoming Sunday, April 9th in the Chapel right after the Evening Service. We will be hosting the Canvass Success Luncheon with the High School class’ help.

The RE Council met in March. We discussed the Committee Fair and what we would have on the table. Finally, we started to plan events for the upcoming months.

May Basket making is going well. We have extended to making them Saturday mornings in April. Additionally, we are selling them at coffee hour on April 16th and April 23rd. We need fudge to be able to fill the baskets for these two dates. Sign-ups for the May Breakfast have started. We need the most help with serving the day of and clean-up the day of.

Department of Interior Report to the Church Council

The Dept. of Interior is an ad hoc group of about 6 of 7 members of the church with an average age of well over 60. We came together about 2 years ago under the auspices of House Management to clean and organize within the church building. A number of these tasks were falling on the church staff so the Human Resource Comm. promoted this group to ensure volunteers were doing this work not our staff.   We attempt to keep order in the closets, clean the kitchens when needed, and scrub the sanctuary and vestry prior to the opening of church as well as other tasks.

It’s likely during the construction we will be called on to sort, organize, possibly pack and store any number of closets and shelves of “goods”. It may be that we can help other committees that store goods in the church.   If committees are packing up goods, it’s a good time to dispose of old or unneeded items and be sure to label everything.

Carlene Merrill and Deb Grad take the lead for this group.

The music committee met on Sunday, April 2nd. The March 25th concert raised $1000 for the for the UUSC (UU Service Committee).   There will be one more concert on May 20th. We are looking into a local charity for the funds raised. Steve would like to have a 1 hour choir before the church year ends. Music Appreciation Sunday will be June 11th.

The Worship Committee met last month and reviewed the worship schedule. It looks like we are in good shape for readers and chalice lighters for April and May, including Tenebrae on April 13th, though we can always use more. If you would like to do a reading, please feel free to contact Ellen Ford at [email protected]   We will have a table at Committee Fair on April 9th – please come by to see us! The Worship Committee is beginning to talk about ways the building project may impact Worship, and brainstorming ways to address those matters in advance. Plans are in the making for an all church retreat in late September – stayed tuned for more info as plans move forward.