Committee Reports March 7, 2017

Committee Reports

March 7, 2017


The HR committee had their monthly meeting on 3/2. Items to report out on included:

– Assigned DaveK to write a brief summary for Church Council :-) – We discussed the next steps in our efforts to reconcile the “Joint Recommendations on Ministerial Agreements” (from the UUMA and UUA Transitions Office) with our Letter of Call for Ellen. This may eventually require a congregational vote, but not until after more HR work.

– Invited Dolores to give us a report, to make sure things were proceeding smoothly with the new RE Coordinator

– Although not directly an HR issue except to the extent it affects staff, had a brief discussion on whether Church Council should play some role in communicating/coordinating/planning for disruptions that will occur during the construction project.

The music committee met on February 26th. We discussed the details of the March 25th concert. There will be performances by Janice Tervo, Henry Tervo, Mark Tervo, SteveZocchi, David Siegel, Bryce Denney and others. The proceeds will go to the UUSC. I will be out of town on the 25th and have sent an email to the Social Action Committee requesting volunteers to help with the set up and clean up for the reception following the concert. We are also in need of someone to run the elevator. A 3rd concert has been scheduled for May 20th. The sanctuary piano will be tuned on March 21st for the concert.

Nominating will be meeting on March 21. We have had great success putting together the Slate of Officers for next year, with only two more positions to fill. We did a Chalice Lighting the first Sunday of February as well as the Welcome and Announcements in February. We also had a descriptive blurb in the Shooting Star and in the Sunday’s Announcements throughout February to bring a higher profile and understanding of the work in which the Nominating Committee engages.

The Women’s Alliance will be meeting on March 19th to discuss the Building project and to brainstorm ideas about the impact of the project.

The Young Adults have not meet yet but are hoping to meet at the end of March. We are currently focused on actively conversing during coffee hour. We will be hosting the Canvass Success Luncheon on April 30th. We are planning to run a class starting at the end of August as well.

The RE Council hosted a Meet and Greet for New Families this past Sunday. We had three new families with children of various ages attend. Reverend Ellen, Dolores, and the RE Council welcomed them to the program and answered questions. It was well received for every one. The Ice Cream Social went well and we are looking forward to the rest of the year.The May Basket making has started with the wonderful help of Ellen Mellen and Rebecca Gore. I will be making fudge in the middle of April; please let anyone know they are welcome to help. I will send out an announcement after the Auction. Sincerely,Caroline McMullin


Membership Committee met Feb. 21, 2017. General consensus that many more new people have been coming in past few months. No actual data, as few sign the guest book, or give us contact info in other ways. Need for greeters to encourage guest book signing and temporary name tags. Need to make sure questions get answered and people feel welcome

Black Lives Matter speaker event: circulated and handed out UU World newcomer magazine to several community members. Discussed having presence at such events in future, in case people new to UU are interested.

New UU class will be Saturday mornings from 4/1 – 5/6 from 9-11am. People are being invited by Justine personally.

Last Newcomer Session of the year will be 4/2 after service in the parlor

Grounds Mini Meeting Report – Parking lot to be cleaned this week and next. We are working to replace Maple tree this Spring. Checking with Tom Coffey to coordinate preparing/deleting garden beds before construction begins. Martha