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Mar 12 2017

Minutes: March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017

In Attendance: Aggie Brennan, Lisa Calvo, Tom Coffey (guest), Dolores Heredia-Wood (guest), Dave Kaffine, Caroline McMullin, Edith Murphy, Martha Sherburne and Leslie Yauckoes


  1. Leslie light the chalice.
  2. Tom Coffey came to speak on the Building Accessibility Project. There are 3 teams that are working on this project. See paper included with the minutes. This document was created by Ruth Whalen, Tom and John Schneider and then approved by the Standing Committee. This was created to decrease confusion about the different parts of the project.

He wanted to know the specific information that Church Council needs from him. Leslie wanted to know how the committee chairs can help and Martha wanted to know the impact the construction would have on grounds.

Doug Snow and Dave Kaffine are preparing the financial portion of the project. Doug, Dave, and Tom will be hosting three cottage meetings to discuss the final aspects of the project. There will be three meetings Sunday, March 12, Sunday, March 19, and Tuesday, March 21. They will give an update of the overall project as well as solicit feedback about what financial options should be used. While the fundraising has met its goal, all of the money will not be in hand for the beginning of construction. The congregation has to approve how to fill that gap. Additionally, there are administrative costs and interest that need to be covered not matter what we choose. Where this money can come from will be discussed. The feedback received from these meetings will help to shape the language of the warrants for the April and May all congregational special meetings. Contingency plans are necessary. This may include looking at the endowment to see where the rest of the money will come from.

Tom will discuss what small things can be added. For instance, the current project does not include a sprinkler system or an acoustics system in the Chapel. There are small changes that potentially can be made to decrease the cost and potentially help to pay for these additions. He will have a survey to rank what items are the most important and what items could change. For instance, we have to have bathrooms on the second floor, but do we need 3? Tom emphasized that these need to be tweaks, not major changes. The placement of the largest items are not changing. He also wants to discuss having an all congregation vote for the project in its entirety. Options discussed at the cottage meetings are tweaks, not changes to the plans to save money. While we need bathrooms on the second floor per code, we may be able to remove 1. A sprinkler is not needed per the Fire Department. For instance, the entrance was shifted towards the parking lot. There needs to be no more dramatic changes as this will put the schedule in jeopardy.

Tom is looking for bids for contractors now. He is hoping to have the specific details at the end of this month. We are looking to hire the contractor at the end of June. The start date has been pushed back to the end of August/beginning of September. Tom is hoping that he can push that to the end of July/beginning of August. He is hoping that the total project will take 6 months to complete.

Of the 3 teams, the Design team is responsible for the final drawings. They have created a phased plan for construction. Currently, the plan has two phases. First, the new elevator and new bathrooms will be installed on the first floor. The elevator portion will affect the second floor as the whole thing has to go in at once. Then the old elevator and the old bathrooms will be removed. Then they will finish construction of the new parts of the first floor. Finally, the rest of new portions of the second floor will be done along the way. This way the building will be fully functioning at all points of the construction. Once construction starts, the Design team will figure out impact scheduling and how to move stuff around with as little impact as possible. They will be starting this coordination soon (possibly next month) and will look for feedback.

He will be meeting with Dolores to go over the drawings with her and make sure that nothing needs to be tweaked. Tom has met with the Nursery school and Table of Plenty. Each of their concerns have been considered. The phasing plan will ensure that the Nursery school can still legally operate. Table of Plenty wants to ensure that no parking spaces will be affected. Martha and Tom will work on figuring out where the staging materials can be put on the grounds. They will also make sure that the labyrinth will not be affected.

Church Council as stakeholders can help by making sure all information is correct.

  1. Revisit the Lowell transport to church. This matter has not been decided yet, but Leslie wants Committees to be aware that more conversations are needed. It was not discussed by Membership and Worship (two committees that are thought that should be directly involved). This may have to wait until next church year. The money/budget portion was mentioned again. It is thought that a Faith in Action grant could cover the initial steps, then it would have to find a home somewhere. There was talk that splitting it between committees should be discussed. It was decided to table this discussion at the current time.
  2. Leslie said that all the committees did a great job submitting budgets on time. As she was looking over the various committees listed within the Operating budget, there seems to be many committees that do not attend or submit reports. Joan Keene, co-chair of Canvass, sent an email with information to pass along to our committees. She wanted to highlight that Canvass starts on March 19th and it ends on April 30th. Canvass would like as many pledges in as early as possible. Leslie wanted to know if we wanted to ask Joan to be the presenter for out April mini-lesson. We decided to leave it up to her.
  3. Heating of meeting rooms. Carryover from February’s meeting. Please make sure if you change the temperature in the room you are using, please make sure to change it back. Use the up and down arrows only to adjust to the temperature you want. When you leave hit the CANCEL button.
  4. No Faith in Action grants at this meeting. Aggie mentioned that there is one that she needs to talk to Joan about. The organization is Caribbean Diaspora for Science, Technology and Innovation New England.   It provides internships for STEM studies among other projects. CFAM may choose to do it as a Split the Plate; if they do not then Aggie will bring it as a Faith in Action grant. Aggie also mentioned Stop Hunger Now. They fill bags with protein packs and other dried foods. She said that they are not religious. Edith mentioned that if the church is serious about being ready to be a Sanctuary church, then we will need a shower. We discussed potentially creating a Faith in Action grant for that. Dave said that it might be better to consider the Cell Tower money, which is where the Faith in Action money originally comes from. This is still open to discussion.
  5. Committee Fair is on April 9th. We will discuss the nuts and bolts of this at the next meeting. Church Council should do the coffee part as the individual committees should bring food. Edith suggested that as this is being held at a different time of year, an announcement should be made that it is happening.
  6. Leslie wants the committees to think about what the future role of Church Council should/needs to be. Some other committees have discussed this, but Church Council has not yet. There has been previous conversation about having Church Council only 4 times a year. What does the Standing Committee want from us & where are we most needed? One main function we serve is a place to discuss the calendar so we are not tripping over each other. Now that the minutes and submitted committee reports are online, we are now a transparent body, which is great and new. This makes us a great way for the congregation to get information. What needs are we filling?
  7. Lisa came to represent Nominating committee. There are currently 2 open positions on the slate; they are talking to people to fill those positions. Once the positons are filled, Ellen will approve them and then the list will be published (most likely by the end of the month). Part of Nominating’s job along with filing the elected positions is to help boost committees. They want to help where it is needed.
Mar 12 2017

Committee Reports March 7, 2017

Committee Reports

March 7, 2017


The HR committee had their monthly meeting on 3/2. Items to report out on included:

– Assigned DaveK to write a brief summary for Church Council 🙂 – We discussed the next steps in our efforts to reconcile the “Joint Recommendations on Ministerial Agreements” (from the UUMA and UUA Transitions Office) with our Letter of Call for Ellen. This may eventually require a congregational vote, but not until after more HR work.

– Invited Dolores to give us a report, to make sure things were proceeding smoothly with the new RE Coordinator

– Although not directly an HR issue except to the extent it affects staff, had a brief discussion on whether Church Council should play some role in communicating/coordinating/planning for disruptions that will occur during the construction project.

The music committee met on February 26th. We discussed the details of the March 25th concert. There will be performances by Janice Tervo, Henry Tervo, Mark Tervo, SteveZocchi, David Siegel, Bryce Denney and others. The proceeds will go to the UUSC. I will be out of town on the 25th and have sent an email to the Social Action Committee requesting volunteers to help with the set up and clean up for the reception following the concert. We are also in need of someone to run the elevator. A 3rd concert has been scheduled for May 20th. The sanctuary piano will be tuned on March 21st for the concert.

Nominating will be meeting on March 21. We have had great success putting together the Slate of Officers for next year, with only two more positions to fill. We did a Chalice Lighting the first Sunday of February as well as the Welcome and Announcements in February. We also had a descriptive blurb in the Shooting Star and in the Sunday’s Announcements throughout February to bring a higher profile and understanding of the work in which the Nominating Committee engages.

The Women’s Alliance will be meeting on March 19th to discuss the Building project and to brainstorm ideas about the impact of the project.

The Young Adults have not meet yet but are hoping to meet at the end of March. We are currently focused on actively conversing during coffee hour. We will be hosting the Canvass Success Luncheon on April 30th. We are planning to run a class starting at the end of August as well.

The RE Council hosted a Meet and Greet for New Families this past Sunday. We had three new families with children of various ages attend. Reverend Ellen, Dolores, and the RE Council welcomed them to the program and answered questions. It was well received for every one. The Ice Cream Social went well and we are looking forward to the rest of the year.The May Basket making has started with the wonderful help of Ellen Mellen and Rebecca Gore. I will be making fudge in the middle of April; please let anyone know they are welcome to help. I will send out an announcement after the Auction. Sincerely,Caroline McMullin


Membership Committee met Feb. 21, 2017. General consensus that many more new people have been coming in past few months. No actual data, as few sign the guest book, or give us contact info in other ways. Need for greeters to encourage guest book signing and temporary name tags. Need to make sure questions get answered and people feel welcome

Black Lives Matter speaker event: circulated and handed out UU World newcomer magazine to several community members. Discussed having presence at such events in future, in case people new to UU are interested.

New UU class will be Saturday mornings from 4/1 – 5/6 from 9-11am. People are being invited by Justine personally.

Last Newcomer Session of the year will be 4/2 after service in the parlor

Grounds Mini Meeting Report – Parking lot to be cleaned this week and next. We are working to replace Maple tree this Spring. Checking with Tom Coffey to coordinate preparing/deleting garden beds before construction begins. Martha






Mar 12 2017

Committee Reports: February 7, 2017

Committee Reports

February 2017

Committee on Ministry: I heard from Ellen about our budget. She said that having $50 in for next fiscal year is fine. Our last meeting was a discussion about the retreat in the fall. She asked that we work on the details to put it all together. We also discussed doing her evaluation this year since that’s not outside of the realm of our mission. Carlene sent along some info that we will review before our next meeting. That was basically it!   Kathy

CFAM Report: Sheila Carman and I organized a bus to take people to the Women’s March on January 21st.  We easily filled a 36 person bus.  There as a lot of interest, we had to turn people away once we reached out limit. Our common read this spring is The Third Reconstruction: How a Moral Movement is Overcoming the Politics of Division and Fear by Rev. William J Barber and Jonanthan Wilson Hartgrove. We will have books out in early March, with a book discussion in May.  I’ve attached our budget. Joan

Worship Committee Report:  In addition to being a peaceful presence as a faith community at several recent protests, the worship committee has also been discussing the importance of focusing on who we are as a faith community locally. Thank you to Jane Collins for the time she gave to the Worship Committee over the past two years.  Jane will be stepping off of the Committee as of February.  If you are interested in joining the Worship Committee, please contact Jayne Boissonneault at [email protected]  Jayne   Please sign up for a chalice lighting soon!

The Young Adults did not meet in January. We are planning on having conversations around the new president and our UU values. More than likely, Sam and I will be leading this. We are not sure what this will look like as of right now. We do have one new active member and have started to have a consistent group show up on Sundays again. The Young Adults have had some great conversations at coffee hour which is helped to maintain a strong group.

The Women’s Alliance did not meet. Hopefully, we will meet in late February. The Alliance Parlor kitchen does not have water right now due to a problem with the hot water heater. Ellen, Leila, Cindy, Sarah, and Walter and Ron (as building improvement representatives) know about the issue. It is not a huge priority to fix as the hot water heater will not be used after construction. We want to wait to make sure we are not replacing something needlessly.

The REC has had two productive meetings since we last meet. We have a table at coffee hour near the elevator every week. We discussed having a conversation with new parents, as Ellen mentioned that there have been many new families in 2017. We will be hosting an event in early March. Dolores is talking to Leila about scheduling. Finally, the REC will be hosting the annual Ice Cream Social next Sunday, February 12th.   Sincerely, Caroline McMullin

Grounds Committee: Our Winter Slumber is still upon us. We will be reawakening our team and see where we need new members. So far cleanup appears to be minor this Spring. We keep our fingers crossed that when there is not much snow we will have rain.   Martha


The Music Committee is planning the March 25th concert.  Janice and Henry Tervo will be performing as well as a few other people who will be confirmed soon.  Steve Zocchi will perform some solo piano pieces.  We sought Rev. Ellen’s input into whom would best be served by the funds.  She suggested the proceeds go to the UUA service Committee:  “UUSC advances human rights through grassroots collaboration. In more than a dozen countries throughout the world, UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression. UUSC’s innovative approaches and measurable impact — in promoting economic justice, bolstering environmental justice, and protecting rights at risk — are grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power, dignity, and rights”.  The music committee has agreed.  All the pianos and the organ are in good shape. Aggie

Membership Committee Report:   Membership Committee did not meet in December due to a number of schedule complications.  A scheduled Newcomer Session was held and attended by several people.  A supply of a new introductory UU magazine was purchased which contains a variety of reprint articles from past UU World.  These are less “dense” and business oriented than the back issues of UU World that we have been previously handing out to newcomers.

The Committee did meet in January, with a small contingent.  Several people were ill or had other commitments, and I was unable to lead due to my father’s death.  Ellen took the lead and most of the discussion focused on the larger than normal number of newcomers, possibly related to the current political climate.  Many of these newcomers have returned several times and seem likely to join, including several families with children.

There are two more Newcomer Sessions scheduled for this year, and the New UU class is being planned to start in March with Peggy Stephens-North and Justine Sullivan co-running it.









Nov 30 2016

Church Council November Reports

Church Council

Committee Reports

November 2016


Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry is chosen by Rev. Ellen to serve as a sounding board and general advisors. We offer assistance to Ellen in whatever form she needs including offering her feedback. The committee meets with Ellen monthly during the church year. Other roles of the committee are to help other committees connect with the spirit of ministry that guides our work and to work with the Standing Committee on Ellen’s evaluation.  The committee met on October 28th to discuss how to help Ellen juggle her time.  New church programs and the accessibility project were also discussed.


Grounds Committee

We have had difficulty having a mini fall cleanup. A mild Indian Summer during the week. Chilly, damp, and wet with almost winter temps on weekends. We have a few plants and bulbs left to plant. We are working with RE on 11/6 to clean out the bark from the soil of the maple tree area, in preparation for a new tree to be planted. If we do not finish during RE Grounds would love any and all help on this after church, during the week or next weekend which will be really chilly!!! There have been second thoughts on the donation of the Parrotia tree. Samantha Sager and I are looking into other interesting trees. We have not reached a decision on that yet. Grounds still intends to spread loam and get grass seed down.  Last minute weeding! Do we have any hearty souls who would like to volunteer? The Japanese Maple needs a little TLC before Winter.


Membership Committee Report 11/4/16

Church Family celebration was held on 10/16/16.  7 new members and 7 10-year members were recognized and given gifts.

The committee met 10/18/16.  Next meeting is 11/15/16.

A Newcomer session was held on 10/30/16.  Three more sessions are planned for the church year.

We have begun making an effort to recruit volunteers for Social Hour, so that the responsibility does not lie entirely on Edith’s shoulders.

Membership is doing Announcements for the month of November.

The New UU class will be co-taught January-February 2017 by Peggy Stephens-North and Justine Sullivan.  We will begin recruiting students this month.


The Women’s Alliance provided the flowers, light the chalice, and ran social hour Sunday, November 6th. For social hour we hosted a mini-social with the silver and “real” china cups and dishes. It went well and we had great feedback. We are planning to host another social at some point in the future. Our December meeting will be either lunch or dinner as well as piano music by Steve. We will be deciding on a date within the next week. Finally, we will he hosting a gathering for people interested in learning more about Women’s Alliance after the holidays.


RE Council helped to host the Halloween Parade and Carnival last week. Fun was had by everyone! We held our first Parents Night Potluck and will be hosting the next one this upcoming Sunday.


The Young Adults are planning on meeting before Thanksgiving, once schedules even out. We are in the process of figuring out what day and what format work for our meetings, as well as how to recruit new members.



Caroline McMullin


Music Committee update:

Steve gave a spectacular concert on Sat, Nov 5th, raising close to $1000 for the Capital Campaign. Music committee hosted the reception following the concert. The next concert is scheduled for March 25th. Janice Tervo and others will perform. The sanctuary piano was tuned recently. Steve will determine whether to have both the piano and the organ tuned before Christmas.



Welcoming Congregation Committee has been busy organizing our annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, which will be held Saturday November 19.

This year we’ll begin with a procession at 6 pm and have already talked to the Police Department about it (no permit needed and they already have the details). To remain as welcoming as possible, we will have music in the Chapel for those who do not participate in the procession. The vigil itself, which includes the reading of the names of those killed around the world during the past year as a result of anti-transgender violence, and the lighting of a candle for each person, will begin at 6:30pm.


NOLA  – WE have decided to try to find housing near Baton Rouge so we can work there this year.  SBP is over-scheduled in NOLA for the week we are there , but they need workers in Baton Rouge, where over 50,000 homes were destroyed in unprecedented flooding in August.

CFAM – our first meeting is scheduled for Nov 20th.  Equal Exchange is up and selling already, Linda Horn and Rebecca Gore are working on getting a group started to look at multi-racial and multi-cultural discussion this yea.  You will be hearing more from them later in the year. We’ve had  2 split the plate so far, and will be setting the rest of our STP schedule at our next meeting. We are still looking for suggestions for organizations for 2017. I have been in touch with a member of the Concord church who is interested in working with local congregations  on the new SAIC, reclaiming our democracy (an anti-Citizens United effort). Hopefully I’ll have more about that after Christmas.



Nominating Committee is actively searching for a canvass chair.


Oct 22 2016

Church Council Minutes October 2016


Church Council


October 4, 2016

7:00 pm


In attendance: Aggie Brennan, Carla Corey, Dolores Heredia – Wood (guest), Caroline McMullin, Edith Murphy, Theresa Popoloski, Marth Sherburne, Leslie Yauckoes



  1. Welcome and centering (5 min)


Leslie light the chalice.


  1. Choose a recording secretary (5 min)


Leslie asked for volunteers for recording secretary. Caroline McMullin volunteered. It was approved that Caroline McMullin will be the recording secretary.


  1. Sign ups for welcome and announcements for the Sunday services (5-10 min)


Sign up for Welcome and Announcements went well.  All of the months were filled in at the meeting. Discussion was held based on last year’s list that was provided by Edith Murphy within a committee report. RE asked to move to May. It was discussed that Internship and Sabbatical did not need a month this year, so that freed October and December. We discussed that the Accessibility Task Force and Nominating should have a month this year. There are a few that still need to be confirmed, which are marked with an asterisk (*).

September – Standing Committee

October – Worship

November – Membership

December – Music

January – Accessibility Task Force*

February – Nominating

March – CFAM*

April – Caring Connection*

May – RE

June – Welcoming


  1. Discussion of possible committee fair for this year (10-15 min)


We discussed if we needed a committee fair this year. Discussion was held about the value (what each committee really gets out of the fair) versus how much work it is to run. Leslie highlighted that the church year and Church Council are all later than normal. Caroline proposed that we have a committee fair but move it to the second half of the year. She discussed that for RE the main idea was to get the following year situated and that September and definitely October was already too late for that. Theresa expressed concern that the Membership committee typically found greeters at the Committee Fair and that they needed more sooner rather than later. Both Carla and Aggie expressed that they felt they were underutilized as greeters and were willing to greet more often. It was agreed that the second half of the church year was best. We discussed February and decided that it was too early due to weather. March looked to be too busy as we did not want to pull Coffee Hour time away from the Auction, as they do not have a firm date set yet. April was decided to be the best month. Leslie read off events that were happening every Sunday around and immediately following Coffee Hour. Theresa asked that we schedule the fair on a day that did not have a Newcomers Tea scheduled as newcomers are the primary focus for the Committee Fair. As a group we decided that April 9th was the best day. Leslie will ask Leila to reserve the Vestry and Church Council signed up for both parts of Coffee Hour.


  1. Faith in Action Grants (10-15 min)


There were no Faith in Action grants.


  1. Discussion on possible mini lessons for C.C. this year (10-15 min)


Before discussing possible min lessons for Church Council, Leslie read a document from the Standing Committee related to what Church Council is supposed to accomplish:

The leader is the conduit between Church Council and the Standing Committee.

The committee reports should be compiled two days before the meeting.

The leader will plan and run the meetings.

The committee will decide who is responsible for the Welcome and Announcements.

The Church Council is responsible for fundraisers.


Leslie framed this discussion by asking who we would want to hear from within the church. Ideas that were raised include the Board of Investments (what they do, how the endowments work, what their part in the Capital Campaign will be); Accessibility possibly by Tom Coffey; a discussion about how we view money given by Justine; and Soul Matters which Reverend Ellen is using as a spiritual underpinning for this year, potentially given by Reverend Ellen.


  1. Any calendar items (5 min)


Dolores talked about how RE now has Sunday night events. We have a Parents Night as well as having COA this year. Aggie mentioned that Steve’s first concern will be in November and will raise money for the Capital Campaign.


Church Council

Committee Reports

October 2016


Please be ready to choose a month to do announcements if possible.  Worship is doing October.  Here are last year’s:


Oct: Internship

Nov: Worship

December: Sabbatical

January: Music

February: Caring Connection

March: CFAM

April: RE

May: Membership

June: Welcoming Congregation




Ushering is going well.


The Internship Committee is thrilled with Justine’s excellent review by the MFC and looking forward to working with her this year.  We had our initial meeting of the year.


Parish Affairs:  We have got a supply of fair trade coffee.  We have divided set up and cleanup for Social Hour (though choosing both is great).  Signups are currently low, but I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments about people being able to sign up for either.  We could use more signups.  I’m wondering if all the post (and pre) church meetings make it harder for people to sign up.  Thanks to Junior Choir parents for helping with cleanup!





Membership Committee

Membership Committee held meetings on 7/27 and 9/20, starting early to get a jump on things happening at the beginning of the church year.  We will continue meeting the third Tuesday of each month in the parlor.


Pat Snow has joined our committee, and we are hoping for Peter Mellish, as well.  Current members include Theresa Popoloski, Neil Harmon, Chris Sweetnam, Emma Buckley, Rose Leher, and Edith Murphy in her role as Clerk.


Membership co-sponsored the potluck on 9/10 with RE/FF.  The event was well attended and went well.


Greeters have been scheduled from 9/11 until the end of December.  Anyone wanting to join in greeting will be added to the schedule in January.


Planning for 4 Newcomer Info. Sessions is underway, hopefully 2 for the fall and 2 for the spring.


10/16 will be a special Church Family oriented service.  Part of this will be honoring new members, who have signed in the last year, and 10-year members with small gifts and recognition of their milestone within our covenant.
We have many other things in the works!




The Worship Committee

The Worship Committee had their first 2016/17 church year meeting on Tuesday evening, September 27th.  We are happy to report both Bonnie Rankin and Ami Hughes have joined us, and we are looking forward to another productive, fun, and worshipful year.  The Worship Committee will be responsible for welcome & announcements for the month of October and would like to request committees volunteer to cover a month during the church year.

More to come as the church year moves forward.

AND, I would like to take the opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to Edith Murphy for representing the Worship Committee at Church Council meetings again this year.  Thank you Edith!

Grounds Committee

Starting on September 2nd the weeds that prevailed started to disappear for our first Church Service on 9/11/16.

Sept 17th, we had six parishoners help out on Rejuvenation/Fall Cleanup day. Dogwoods were pruned, weeding was done and compost put down as well as picking up. Since that date we have had some more parishoners help out with the weeding, planting the plants that were donated, putting down all the rest of the compost from our compost piles, fertilizing trees and shrubs, helping to put down 7 yards of bark mulch. We have three yards of loam to fill in some beds and soil for grass seeding.

Grounds needs some last minute help. We have maybe five yds of bark mulch left to spread. some weeding and bulb planting and a last minute pruning of yews on the Westford St. side.

The tree to replace the maple tree is still in the discussion stage with a possibility of it being planted this fall.



CFAM hasn’t met yet, so no news there.

NOLA will be going over April vacation, although from Monday to Saturday, due to Easter.

Joan Coyne




RE Council


RE had a wonderful retreat in August where we focused on the gifts each member brings to the RE program and the Council. We discussed where we see the program going in the future and how we can make that vision a reality. We had our first regular meeting in the beginning of September. We discussed changes in the program and how the Council will support Dolores and the program in the upcoming year. We will have our next meeting this upcoming Sunday.


The Young Adult group meet today for the first time this church year. We had a general check-in and shared a meal. We discussed that Sundays after church was not an ideal day for our meetings. We will most likely move our meetings to Fridaynight or Saturday afternoons.


Women’s Alliance has not meet yet this church year. Hopefully, we will meet at the end of October.



Caroline McMullin


Nominating Committee


Nominating had their first meeting in August as a welcome for new committee members and met again in September to talk about the elected positions for which we need to find volunteers. We also discussed the need for the other committees at the church to share their committee members so that we can avoid taking good people from positions they are currently filling before they’ve finished their commitments, and to discover if any committees need help finding people. Additionally as a committee we’ve committed to touching base with members new to elected positions to support them in any way we can.


Music Committee


The music committee had their first meeting on Sunday, October 2nd.  Steve had all of the pianos tuned this past summer. There will be 3 concerts this church year, the 1st of which will be on Saturday, November 5th.  The proceeds will be going to the Capital Campaign.







Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the Church's governing board. The Standing Committee works to ensure the vitality of our community of faith. There are 10 members of the Standing Committee – nine voting members elected by the congregation and the minister, who is a non-voting member of the Committee. Standing Committee members serve a 3 year term.

The Standing Committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Time is set aside at the beginning of every SC meeting as an open forum for members to bring forward any issues they would like to discuss.

The Standing Committee is responsible for the health and well being of First Parish. This includes maintaining communication among members and committees, managing Church property, and planning for the Church's short and long-term future. And of course members of the Standing Committee develop and manage the budget approved by the Congregation at the annual meeting.
The Human Resources Committee is a sub-committee of the Standing Committee.