“RE”FF (Religious Faith Formation) Program for Youths

This year our theme is UU Wu Wei RE Faith Formation” the practice of open hearts, minds, and souls… that flow

The Art of Non-Action: To Embrace Flow Instead of Effort; To Achieve a Great Result

REFF has closed for the summer and resume in September 2022.

We invite everyone to join in the worship services at 10am.

The nursery is open for children 1-5 that have not been vaccinated. Vaccinations and masks are required in the sanctuary and masks in building on Sunday Mornings

June 5th, farewell to the Maestro (Steve)

June 12th, Bridging service this year

June 19th, Flower Communion

June 26th, COA Ceremony-summer service at 10 am

For more information, please contact Dolores~ [email protected]


Counting our Blessings…Special Thank you to our amazing LFF/RECouncil: Laura Nutter; Abbey Luciano; Molly Rawding; Matt Scoville; Erin Shapleigh; Rosemary McMullin; Heather L. (Youth Representative) and Tip Rawding and Grounds Committee for helping out with our… NEW Little Sharing Library!

Outside of the Children’s Chapel facing the Towns Commons

What fun! What good works…

Congratulations to all our graduating seniors and blessings of love to all our children!

In general, all FPC Youth are welcome to come to REFF, even if parents are not attending service.

Program will adjust depending on how many youths attend.

During the pandemic church sanctuary policy to assure everyone is safe, especially for unvaccinated children is “if you don’t wear a mask, you can’t come into the sanctuary”.  At this time we actively discourage children from being in the sanctuary for their safety and to protect them since it’s an enclosed space and the expectation is that everyone needs to be vaccinated if attending, if medically eligible, regardless of the age.

What do children do during the services?  Sunday Mornings 10am to 11am

All medically eligible FPC Youth are welcome to come to Religious Faith Formation.

Youth ages 5 through Grade 12 are invited to attend Sunday UU Faith Formation Program

We will begin meeting in chapel and expand from there upstairs in the “RE”FF wing as needed.

Nursery care is provided for children aged 1 – 5 at the morning service. For now, nursery has relocated upstairs.

REFF Safety Protocols-

  • Volunteers must be vaccinated
  • Pandemic Safety Parental Wellness Screening Form – each time attending
  • Masks worn at all times- regardless of vaccination status
  • Youth will be supervised as hands are cleaned/sanitized prior to stepping into care of group
  • Social Distancing will be maintained within reason
  • No snacks at this time ;-(

Schedule/Calendar sequence with exception of holidays

  • RE Faith Formation UU Wu-Wei Day; Chapel
  • UU Recipe Day (non edible fun recipes)

Please contact Dolores GHeredia-Wood, DRE & FF. [email protected]`