Young Adults (YA’s) Group 2022-23 gatherings: (ages 18 to 35)

Making… “Meaning out of the chaos of experience” – Karen Hering….

Hi Young Adults!

YA meet ups…

  • June 4th, 11th, 18th at 11:15ish…YA “Open Door” Meet & Greet,

We welcome all new, or not so new YA’s to come and connect.

FPCC chapel (1st floor opposite of vestry) snacks refreshments, pizza too!


  • Save the Date: September 24, YA new “church year” kick off 

Cook, Eat and Chat. In the FPCC kitchen /vestry. YA’s cook together,

eat together and hang out and chat. More details closer to date.

Hope to see you all around!

>>For more information: Contact Lifespan Faith Formation Director:  [email protected]

In person and Hybrid/online gatherings! 

This space is meant for you to network, restore, refresh and renew with like minded UU friends. Prior to the meeting there is a text/email reminder with link. Please let Dolores know if you, or someone you know wants to be added. Or any updates that may be needed.

Unitarian Universalist is not a creed religion, it’s grounded on covenant/promises based upon trust.

A covenant does many things, such as:

  • Create lifelong faith formation friendship in beloved community-
  • help us know how to stay in right relationship
  • give us a sense of belonging, knowing we’re in the right place
  • hold aspirations and help us know what’s most important
  • bind us together in solidarity and help us reach our goals
  • and…

There are also several types of covenants, such as:

  • person to person (like wedding vows)
  • person to community (such as joining a congregation)
  • community to person (as in a child dedication)
  • community to community (our uu principles)
  • multiple individual to group (like a youth group covenant)
  • deep connections through spiritual practices, social action and social justice, etc.