Small Group Ministries/Soul Matters

Connections…” Widening the Circle” of your heart

It’s all about connections-to each other, to ourselves, and beyond…

Building community is to the collective, as spiritual practice is to the individual. –Grace Lee Boggs

Small Group Ministry; December: Soul Matters Theme Path of Wonder*

FPCC Small Groups offer you the gift of connection with other’s and YoUU as we make “meaning of the experience of chaos” KH

If you are interested in facilitating or joining an FPCC Small Groups, please contact me.  I am here for all of you.  Dolores, LFFD  [email protected]

Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion. -Bell Hooks

*Soul Matters-Wonder Activity

Welcome to the Path of Wonder

So friends, don’t just look up at the stars this month. Let’s make sure that our looking up leads to us looking across. And as we do, may we – like our friend G.K. Chesterton – not simply be astonished at the universe, but also feel at home in it.

Connect with the Wonder of the Stars:

When it comes to contemplating wonder, star-gazing tops the list. For scientists and mystics alike, it’s one of the primary ways we humans sort out our mysterious place in the universe and the mystery of who we are. As we connect with the wider universe, we connect more deeply with ourselves. This exercise invites you to lean into this wondrous connection between the stars above and deep meaning within.

The instructions are simple: