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2 Westford St. Chelmsford, Massachusetts  01824

Minister:(978)256-5555 ª Church Office:(978)256-5133

e-mail:[email protected]

Office Assistant: [email protected]

Building Use/Events Coordinator: Jessica Volk,: [email protected]

Membership-Hospitality Committee: [email protected]

Minister:  Rev. Ellen Rowse Spero, [email protected]

Lifespan Faith Formation “DRE” Director, Dolores GHeredia-Wood; [email protected]

Music Director:  [email protected]                           



                        to the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Chelmsford!

The Membership Committee of First Parish want to welcome you and share the following information.  As a newcomer to our church we want you to feel like you belong and want to provide as much information as possible. Our hope is this information will make it easier for you to become involved in our church community.

In addition to this information we offer ‘NEW UU’ workshops and other events for you to be able to get involved where you think you’ll be the most comfortable in.

Please see NEW UU Attachment/Flyers. Course is starting Soon!

Please remember there are many ways to for you to know more about our community.  The best way to learn about the church is to speak to the members.   Any member of the Membership Committee would welcome your questions and provide you with additional information. Please contact us, the membership committee or staff with any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you!

The Membership Committee of First Parish UU Church:

For more information contact: 

Lifespan Faith Formation Director: Dolores GHeredia-Wood; [email protected]

What Kind of Church is First Parish?

It’s a UU church! First Parish is a liberal religious community.  No singular creed or doctrine is espoused.  Instead, we covenant to affirm and promote our First Parish Unitarian Universalist Covenant and the Unitarian Universalist Association Covenantal Promises (see next page).  We are encouraged to seek our own truths and to take our individual journeys toward spiritual growth in the companionship of fellow seekers.  We honor the truths in all of the world’s religions.  We respect both ancient and modern teachers – the Hebrew Prophets, Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and important philosophical and humanitarian thinkers. 

We strive for a world community founded on ideals of human kinship, justice

and peace.  We encourage cooperation among people of goodwill in every land, and we encourage respectful relationship with our natural environment.

We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), 24 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA 02210

The UUA and the district directories, with more information about other congregations, our district, and our UU movement are available in the church office and on the web at www.uua.org.

At First Parish UU of Chelmsford

Services begin at 10:00 am in the Sanctuary. During the service, children and youth are encouraged to attend “RE” UU Faith Formation program at the church.  Childcare for children younger than three is also available during this time. Afterwards we invite family and friends to the vestry (under the sanctuary) for “Social/Coffee Hour” where you will have a chance to be greeted and meet our First Parish community members. Our community is made up of people with many diverse interests and backgrounds and we want to make sure you enjoy your visit and feel welcomed!

As a Welcoming church our church activities expand beyond Sunday mornings to include adult education, adult and intergenerational social activities, social action projects and fundraising events. We service the community, by making rooms available to diverse groups of many different interest and ages. We also have a preschool, Little Acorns during the week.  

We want you to be part of this great community. The single most important way to stay informed of these opportunities is to make sure that you are on our mailing list and reading our biweekly newsletter, “The Shooting Star.”  Please make sure to fill out the “Keep In Touch-Communication Form”

Contact Information:


2 Westford St. Chelmsford, Massachusetts  01824

Minister:(978)256-5555 ª Church Office:(978)256-5133

e-mail:[email protected]



Office Assistant:  [email protected]

Building Use/Events Coordinator: Jessica Volk, [email protected]

Minister:  Rev. Ellen Rowse Spero,  [email protected]

Lifespan Faith Formation “DRE” Director:  Dolores GHeredia-Wood, [email protected]

              Please use as contact for other committees you may be interested in

Music Director:  [email protected]            


Membership Committee: [email protected]

Special Interest Groups or Affiliation:    

  1. Social Action: [email protected]

Community Table: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0b49a4a62ca2f94-community