Lifespan/”RE” FF Council Updates-

Lifespan/Religious  Faith Formation Council:

The RE Council (REC) collectively collaborates with the Lifespan Faith Formation Director to coordinate and develop our UU Religious Faith Formation program. The council consists of members who advocate and implement the program providing feedback and information between the congregation and the Religious Faith Formation Program. They are also active participants in the Sunday morning programs and host Special Faith Formation Events representing the program.

The RE Council is part of the First Parish UU of Chelmsford Church Ministry. Its responsibility is to be present and ensure the philosophy, content and implementation of the Religious Education Faith Formation Program in a manner consistent with our Unitarian Universalist Principles, Sources and the Covenant of First Parish UU Church. It is the commitment of the RE Council to provide our youth with a safe and nurturing environment that develops their Ethical, Spiritual and Faith filled Unitarian Universalist Identity formation .

We look forward and are grateful for the opportunity to serve our wonderful community.

The Standing Committee Approved the REFF Council to integrate LFF June 2022.

The LFF/REFF Council for the 2022-2023  Molly Rawding; Dolores Gheredia-Wood, LFFD

The RE Faith Formation Ministry at First Parish…

Offers a religious education program for children and youth in a manner consistent with our Unitarian Universalist Association Covenant (also known as our Purposes and Principles, and our Sources) and the Covenant of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church. We would like our children, youth, young adults, and adults, as members of this Unitarian Universalist community and as citizens of the world explore, learn about and live out these Unitarian Universalist covenants by focusing on them through four areas of religious development:

1)  Spiritual Development: a sense of connection to others, to the earth and to the sacred as they experience it, and with their experiences of wonder, awe and joy, .

2)  Ethical Development: an ability to reflect on their actions and act on their reflections with regard to the values articulated in our Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles and First Parish Covenant, and to work together within and beyond Unitarian Universalism to make the world a better place.

3)  Faith Development: explore, ask questions, and articulate responses to the “Big Religious Questions” and to discern through their own spiritual experiences and through our UU Sources what sustains them individually and gives meaning to their lives

4)     Unitarian Universalist Identity: This is the core of our religious education/faith formation ministry: to affirm Unitarian Universalist   identity through all of the above and through to connection to our community, our Unitarian and Universalist heritage and history, and a sense of stewardship for our Unitarian Universalist living tradition.

Serve as an important resource, and sounding board to  First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Chelmsford &  Director of Religious Education & Faith Formation & Youth Programing.