“RE”FF Families during Coronavirus Communication

Our Seven Principles: Our principles help us to be the best person we can be. Our principles are the promises that Unitarian Universalist make to one another. (Sunday and Everyday)

If you want to be receive the emails for “RE” Faith Formation families please contact: [email protected]

“RE”FF (Religious Faith Formation) Program for Youths is closed for the summer. We look forward to seeing you in September 2022!

Dear FPC Family!  We the FPC RECouncil, look forward to making the Faith Formation Programs a welcoming sanctuary for everyone because you are important-as a visitor, friend, or member to our FPC family community. 

At this time, we are excited that the vaccine was approved for children ages 5 to 12.  And now many younger children 6months to 5 years old are eleigible too. Also, that the cases of COVID are on the decline. 

 For more information contact [email protected]


UU and Gratitude 2022-2023

In general, all FPC Youth are welcome to come to REFF, regardless of if parents are attending service.

Program will adjust depending on how many youths attend during the church year. During the pandemic church sanctuary policy to assure everyone is safe, especially for unvaccinated children is “if you don’t wear a mask, you can’t come into the sanctuary”.  At this time we actively discourage children from being in the sanctuary for their safety and to protect them. The sanctuary space is at limited sign-up capacity at this time. It’s an enclosed space where the expectation is that everyone needs to be vaccinated if attending, regardless of the age.

What do children do during the services?  Sunday Mornings 10am to 11am

“RE” Faith Formation Schedule/Calendar for 2022-2023…

  • Youth ages 4 through Grade 12 are invited to attend Sunday UU Faith Formation Program. We begin meeting in (well ventilated/heated) chapel and expand from there upstairs to the “RE”FF wing as needed; including High School. As much as possible, we will do outdoor activities. Please have youth wear appropriate layered clothing.
  • Nursery care is provided for children 1 to 3 years during the morning service upstairs Room #207

REFF Safety Protocols: Pandemic Safety Parental Wellness Screening Form/ Community Safety Self-Awareness Check during Pandemic- each time attending

  • Masks As long as risks indicators are low. masks are optional
  • Youth will be supervised as hands are cleaned/sanitized prior to stepping into care of group
  • Social Distancing will be maintained within reason
  • TBD snacks/food until further notice. Please have children bring their own water bottles
  • Volunteers must be vaccinated



6.1.2020: Yay! “RE”FF resumes 6.20.2020

Information is being sent to “RE”FF families. Please contact [email protected] if you want to be on “RE”FF email list.

5.1.2020: We need joy as we need air.
We need love as we need water.
We need each other as we need the earth we share.
– Maya Angelou (UUA President shared this poem)


4.26.2020: I thank Cara Delaterra for sharing this “Cute 7 Principles video for kids”: https://youtu.be/IgqciXI3WCs

4.24.2020: Shared by someone, who shared it from someone… on social media. A teacher brought balloons to school and asked the children to blow them all up and then each write their names on their balloon. They tossed all the balloons into the hall while the teacher mixed them from one end to the other. The teacher then gave them 5 minutes to find the balloon with their name on it. The children ran around, looking frantically but as the time ran out – nobody had found their own balloon… Then the teacher told them to take the balloon closest to them and give it to the person who’s name was on it. In less than 2 minutes everyone had their own balloon. Finally the teacher said, “Balloons are like happiness. No one will find it looking for theirs only. Instead if everyone cares about each others they will find theirs as quickly as possible.” 🎈

4.17.2020: Earth Day Live: https://www.earthdaylive2020.org/?source=earthdaylivebanner

From April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to April 24, activists, performers, thought leaders, and artists will come together for an empowering, inspiring, and communal three day livestream mobilization.

The fights against the coronavirus and the climate crisis go hand-in-hand, and as we work to flatten the curve of this pandemic, we must strive toward the longer term goal of building a society rooted in sustainability and justice.

4.10.2020: The Walk For Hunger http://support.projectbread.org/site/TReam_id=81415&fr_id=1400&pg=team

Help people get the food they need during COVID-19 crisis! The Walk for Hunger has always been about a promise to provide relief to those struggling with food insecurity. And while the physical walk will not take place this year on the first Sunday in May — as it has for 51 years — we will fulfill our promise to support those most in need of help as we raise funds for COVID-19 crisis hunger relief. 


3.27.2020: Dear Families, during this time of year in REFF we go beyond our UU Principles and begin exploring the “why” of them through exploration of Unitarian Universalist sources. This week I ask us to Contemplate with loving compassion not only as individuals, but as part of our collective grieving.

Grief Expert David Kessler : “We Are Grieving the World We Have Now Lost”: WE Are Grieving the World We Have Now Lost                 

As we grief the world we knew,  let us feel our emotions, not suppressing them by pressing  forward so we can ignore it . The new normal is facing the need to change, and grief is change we don’t want. It is important to mark this passing.  David Kessler says it’s more than acceptance, (that helps us through grief) it’s finding meaning.

**A family storybook: Gather as a family; You’ll need crayons, markers and blank paper, a way to record video/audio gathering. This can be every night event or a once in a while event. You also need punch hole maker and string. Or Binder…

This usually works best if the parents/guardians begin first as role models. It may be a good idea to have everyone in the family choose if there is one storyteller a gathering, or everyone takes turns at a gathering sharing a story.  Pick a theme sometimes helps centering, the story needs to be a true-life event. E.G.  (my first day of school; last time there was a disaster, etc.; the silliest thing happened when I was born, or at the funeral(?))  It can be as simple as…When I was young, grandpa one day…; Make sure every member of the family has a piece of blank paper and access to crayons and pens.

Ring a bell/chime: Ask everyone to be silent for a moment and have someone tell a story. Everyone else, in silence, without asking questions… draws a picture of the story being told. When the storyteller is finished have everyone share the pictures and ask any questions they may have about the story at that time. Then it’s the next person, or the next time turn.

Collect the pictures for a family story book. Punch two or three holes at the end of the book and pull the string through tying a bow or knot that can easily be undone to add more stories. Or use a binder. You may want to do a cover page that says OUUR Families Storybook. Keep Storybook in a special place until next time, it is a sacred chronicle of your family. Hopefully we can share these when we gather again…

3.20.2020: Dear Families, Hope you are doing well and keeping safe! During this time, since we cannot meet in person on Sunday mornings. There will be a Sunday & Any day Service on Fridays.

Extra time  with your children can be part of a shared UU sacred moment on Sunday mornings. A simple chalice lighting, just saying the names of those we love; a quick check-in of how everyone is,  and viewing the pandemic through UU Awareness-with thinking minds, hearts, (washed) giving hands… and reviewing the attached REfrigerator Page.

3.15.2020: Dear Faith Formation Families,

In moments like these it is important for parents and guardians (which all adults are) remember the well-being of our youth includes spiritual, mental as well a physical care. It is our obligation to fill them with hope and UU faith, not despair- and help them work through any anxiety they may be feeling (spoken or unspoken.)  We can empower them with compassion for others, like coughing in your hands/tissue or elbows, self care like washing your hands! In times like this, these can all be seen as part of our Unitarian Universalist Faith Formation spiritual practices of our beliefs and values.

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