Hello FPC Artist! (pic!)

Hello FPC Artist!

As you know, Art it is an expression that brings beauty, insight, and deeper understanding of ourselves and faith. I’d like your support in creating the ‘FPC Artists Gallery’ in the grand hall leading to vestry as part of the Faith Formation program.

The Faith Formation program invites FPC Artist (who have attended FPC six months or more) to donate their artwork to be displayed in the FPC Grand Hallway leading to the vestry.

For more information please contact: Dolores~ [email protected];

Here are a few simple criteria to follow:

  • The Artwork is considered a donation. If someone is interested in purchasing your artwork, funds will be contributed to FPC. Minimum of $25.00 donation, and/or can be included in annual auction.
  • Art should be appropriate of our UU Principles and/or our covenant
  • Next to Artwork will be displayed a FF Info card that includes: Artist Name, Medium, and email.
  • There will be no more than 7 pieces of artwork displayed at a time.
  • Only 1 piece of artwork per artist.
  • Artwork will be displayed a minimum of 3 months, as spaces become available.
  • Artwork will be displayed in order that it is received and cataloged by individual artists.
  • Dimensions of artwork need to be no larger than H57 x W46 x D1.5 inches
  • Artwork cannot be framed
  • Artwork can be matted but needs to stay within above dimensions including mat.