“UU Wu-Wei” the practice of open hearts, minds, and souls… that flow

WELCOME! Everyone is invited to gather with us in the spirit of unity, compassion, hope, peace, love and joy!
We look forward to making the Faith Formation Programs a welcoming sanctuary for everyone-because you are important- as a visitor, friend or member to our FPC family community. 

If you want to be part of the RE Faith Formation emails please contact: [email protected]

For more information on any of the programs on this page please contact: [email protected]

In general, all FPC Youth are welcome to come to Sunday morning Religious Faith Formation Programs at 10am, even if parents are not attending service. Program will adjust depending on how many youths attend.

During the pandemic church sanctuary policy is to assure everyone is safe, especially for unvaccinated children. “If you don’t wear a mask, you can’t come into the sanctuary”.  At this time we actively discourage children from being in the sanctuary for their safety and to protect them.  The expectation is that everyone needs to be vaccinated if attending, regardless of the age.

From the Lifespan Faith Formation Director
  • Spirit of Life and Love (click for more) May 1, 2022
    Happy Mother’s (Mama’s) Day on May 8th to all our great moms! Mamas Day is a celebration of all mamas, everywhere! We know that mamahood is not one size firs all. Mothers include all mamas, based on their sexual orientation, race, income, immigration status, foster, adoption, great volunteers.. and on and on…. So happy day to YoUU! Nurturing Beauty-Adapted from Soul Matters May 2022  

Youth Updates

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Young Adult Updates

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    Young Adults: (between ages 18 and 35) 11:30-1:30am First Sunday of the Month Gathering;  in the ...