Boad of Investment

Chair: Bill Newhard

The Board of Investment consists of four voting members of the Society, one member elected every year for a term of four (4) years. It holds in the Endowment Fund all permanent funds acquired by the Society, and has the power to invest, reinvest, sell or assign property in its hands for the well-being of the church. It annually recommends to the Congregation an amount from invested funds to be transferred to the Treasurer for application to the operating budget. It provides a detailed report of its work at the Annual Meeting and at any time at the request of the Standing Committee. All funds in the hands of this body are kept in the name of the First Congregational Society, Unitarian of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

The Endowment Fund was created to allow individuals and others to make financial contributions in support of the Society’s mission for present and future generations. Special gifts may be segregated and earmarked for specific missions and uses. These funds will be tracked and reported separately.

The Board seeks to maintain the real purchasing power of the funds through prudent diversified investments and professional management.

All meetings of the Board are open to the membership. Watch the Shooting Star and Calendar for dates & times.

Contact Info

First Parish Church
2 Westford St
Chelmsford MA 01824