Archives and Historical Committee

For 350 years, the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church and the Town of Chelmsford have shared a history. This year, we will celebrate those three and a half centuries of our history and our heritage of theological teachings, social interaction, people, and even the meetinghouse itself.

The Archives & Historical Committee is responsible for the Society’s collection of documents, pictures and other antiques. Original papers in the collection date back to the late 1700’s, shortly before the Society became Unitarian. We also have transcripts of earlier papers, including a notebook written by Reverend John Fiske from 1637 to 1675. Today’s events become tomorrow’s history, so the collection is always growing.

Currently, the committee is working to organize the Society’s collections. We want to make the Society’s rich heritage an important part of its future. If you would like to help make the Society’s history come alive, please contact Paul Windt.

Contact Info

First Parish Church
2 Westford St
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