Women's Alliance

The Women's Alliance holds monthly social and educational programs and performs many service projects. Monthly programs are usually held the second Monday afternoon of the month in the Alliance Parlor. Men are welcome at all meetings other than luncheons. The Alliance is the oldest of our church organizations, probably organized in the latter part of the Fall of 1868 as the "Ladies Sewing Circle."

For further information, contact Rosemary McMullin, or call the church office, 978-256-5133.

Guests are welcome at all meetings. Our programs are planned for the enjoyment of you and your friends.

What You May Have Wondered About the Women’s Alliance…and Have Hesitated to Ask

From the February 17, 2002 Shooting Star Church Newsletter

Is the Women’s Alliance some sort of mysterious association? No! Absolutely not.

Are meetings open only to gray/white/ blue-haired little old ladies? No! We welcome all adults, regardless of age or gender.

You mean that includes men? Sure!

How do we know when you meet? The date, time, and topic for each meeting is posted in the Shooting Star, and there are also brochures for the year in the publication racks in the narthex and also in the hall by the secretary’s office.

Why do you just meet in the afternoon? Well, to be honest, most of the present members prefer to drive in the daylight. We tried having some evening meetings, and nobody new came – and fewer of our regulars.

How long has the Women’s Alliance been around at First Parish? We are the 2nd oldest group; only the Standing Committee has been around longer. There are no existing early records, but presumably the group began in the fall of 1868 as the Ladies Circle. Socials were held, and the profits were saved toward fitting up the town hall for a vestry, whenever the Parish could purchase it from the town.

If the speaker’s subject interests you, you enjoy a bit of sociability, and you are free for an afternoon meeting, do come and see what we are really all about.

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