Reflections 5/4/14

It doesn’t feel too much like May yet. Things are blooming, but there is still a coolness in the air that suggests March more than May. Perhaps that is why I can’t quite believe that the regular church year is quickly coming to a close. We just had our May Breakfast and are finishing up the stewardship Canvass. This time of year is fun and very full with special services. We will have the Mothers’ Day Walk for Peace this Sunday in Dorchester. Next month, we will have the Coming of Age, RE, Bridging, and Flower Communion services. In addition, we will be saying farewell to Cyndi Bliss, our music director, who is leaving at the end of June. We will be having budget hearings and committees will be preparing annual reports as we get ready for the annual meeting on June 8th. We have a good-sized group preparing to go the UUA’s General Assembly in Providence, at the end of June. The end of year traditions and events are intermingled with sadness as we will be holding a memorial service for Johan MacKenzie on May 18th. I feel like I have been pulled between moments of great sadness and loss and those of excitement and energy. It has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

I would like to share some thank-yous for those of you who have worked so hard on all of the things that have been going on. First, I would like to thank Tom Coffey, Joan Keane, David Blackburn, John Schneider, and Chris Sweetnam for organizing the Next Steps Weekend with UUA consultant Barry Finkelstein, and helping us re-visit and re-energize important conversations around the relationship between our covenant and our physical space. I would like to thank Joan Keane, Cori Rose, and everyone who worked on the May Breakfast, and Ellen Mellen and all the May Basket makers. I would like to thank Jim Curley and the Canvass team for leading the pledge campaign, with a special thank you to Edith Murphy and Theresa Popoloski for running the Canvass Celebration luncheon. I would like to thank the Pastoral Care Team—Carla Corey, Carrie Little, Chris Boucher, Erica Boucher, and Liz Peterson, and the Caring Connection—Suzanne Wilson, Sally Seekings, Mickey O’Connor, and Sandy Johnston (with apologies if I have forgotten anyone) and all their helpers, for supporting folks in the church in need of a listening ear, a home-cooked meal, an inspirational card, or a ride to an appointment. I would like to thank Will Reiter for stepping up on several occasions to provide music when needed. And I would like to thank all of you for being such an amazing and thoughtful Unitarian Universalist community of faith. I brag of you often to my colleagues. I know that it has been a hard year, and you all have stepped up in so many ways. Thank you.

In faith,

Rev. Ellen

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