Reflections 10/24/10


From The Shooting Star. Copyright 2010, Ellen Rowse Spero.  All rights reserved.


Several of you asked me to pass on the words of the Reverend Rebecca Parker, with which I ended my sermon this past Sunday. Here they are: “Let us make it our aim to move in harmony with the deep music that is always sounding. Even when we have momentarily lost our ability to hear or feel it, the music is there. Let us respond to the rhythm and harmony that pulses through life, ever refreshing our souls. And let us move in the world as singers and dancers of the spirit, composers of justice, and artists of peace.” (p. 142 in Bless the World).


Her words felt especially apt in several ways. First, we were graced by “deep music” at both services, in the morning by our own senior choir with Matt Bliss on violin and in the evening by members of the Temple Emanuel Choir. They shared with us three beautiful songs from different branches of Judaism.

Second, several folks shared with us during joys and sorrows how important our thoughts, prayers, cards, and phone calls during times when it was hard for them to hear or feel this deep music. Part of the way we respond faithfully to our covenant and call as a Unitarian Universalist congregation is to help keep the rhythm and harmony, to sing and dance the spirit, to keep faith with this deep music so that those in and beyond our congregation who cannot hear or feel for a time can find their way back to it.

Finally, we had a wonderful conference led by the Reverend Sue Phillips on “Leading Congregations Through Change” this past Saturday. Thirty-five of us were joined by twenty-five folks from First Parish in Groton. From the feedback I have received, people really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I am still processing it all and will communicate more about it at a later date. However, one key learning for me was the importance of paying attention to this “deep music” beneath all of our conversations, decisions, and choices. Keeping faith with it will help guide us on a wiser and truer path.

A reminder that November 7th will be our “All Souls” service. During this service, I read the names of those who have died in the last year. If there is someone who you would like remembered at this service, please send me their name, and dates of birth and death. You may email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., leave a note in the box outside my office door or leave a message at 978 256-5555.


In faith,

Rev. Ellen

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