Reflections 1/30/11


For Christmas, I received a Kitchen Aid mixer from my parents. This is my first experience with this quality of mixer. I had burned through three traditional mixers, with the turning bowl and double beaters, in the last four years. I am amazed by the Kitchen Aid's power. I can make cookies in half the time, and my bread turns out more like the pictures in the cookbook. I am enjoying it very much.

I have had to adjust to some changes, however, which is not necessarily a strength of mine. First, the speed control is one side while the control for lifting the mixer is on the other. This means that I have to have the mixer face a different direction than I am used to, in order to reach both switches. This drives me nuts. Also, I have been sprayed with flour a couple times, first because I put the speed up too high and second, because I keep forgetting to put the pour shield on the bowl. (It seems silly that the manufacturers couldn't leave enough room to pour in ingredients!) Finally, for some reason, it throws me off that the bowl doesn't turn. I look over, and think something is not quite right before I remember that the bowl is not supposed to go around.

There is no such thing as perfection. While definitely a step forward, this new mixer has some flaws and glitches of its own that require me to adapt in ways I did not foresee. And I will probably get sprayed with flour a few more times. That said, it has opened doors for me to do things better. I bake more, because it is easier and more fun. Maybe there is a moral in this story somewhere, about moving forward and incorporating changes into our lives. It is not easy. Some things are lost and the unpredictable happens. But then we can make such better bread to share.

In faith,

Rev. Ellen

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