Accessibility Building Project Updates

November ACC Summary

The Standing Committee is working on our $500,000 Capital Campaign to make our building more accessible. We have identifiedleaders and are increasing the detail in the roughed out plans. The architectural task force is being chaired by Tom Coffey, and is off and running. They have made big strides towards our goal of a more accessible church. The architectural task force proposed a timeline that involves congregation approvals in the next few months, contractor bidding to follow in early spring, and construction to start in the summer of 2017. This is an ambitious, fast moving, plan, and they challenge the rest of us to develop the infrastructure, work out congregational approval, and make financial decisions to keep up with them. The SC has now signed a $32,000 contract with Architectural Consulting Services, LLC for Jay Mason to develop the permit-ready, biddable construction documents for that timeline.

The finance arm is being co-chaired by Dave Kaffine and Doug Snow. They are working on a cash flow plan and recommendations for construction financing. The SC would like to get approval from the congregation to allow Dave and Doug act as signatories for construction account. Basically, in order to separate the construction expenses from the operating budget and limit extra work needed from the Treasurer, they would handle treasurer type activities for consultant and construction expenses. This would be voted on by the congregation at a congregational meeting in the near future.

The fundraising arm will be co-chaired by John Schneider and Jim Curley. We also have several identified team members who are ready to help with fundraising events and activities, including Deb Grad, Maura Snow, and Caroline McMullin. The SC has a $16,500 contract in-hand for Cornerstone Fundraising to design and execute a capital campaign. We have looked it over, and expect to discuss and potentially approve the contract at the Nov 1 SC meeting. Pledges of slightly over $30,000 have come in already, and the first fundraiser will be the November 5th, First Parish Concert by Steve Zocchi.

The architectural task force has worked with the congregation and architect Jay Mason to develop initial drawings that incorporate the potential updates that we most value for the church building. The plan:

  • Incorporates the mandated elevator
  • has the much desired bathrooms on the second floor
  • adds a ramp between the two levels of our lower story
  • makes a main entrance accessed by a ramp outside the building
  • rearranges the offices on the first floor so that Cindy‚Äôs office will be right next to the main entrance.

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