A very big thank you to the Congregation for the extra effort in meeting our revenue target for FY17.  Way to go!  With the canvass winding down, we wanted to give you an update on the preliminary plans for he capital campaign.  We are targeting launching the effort in the fall, in part to have time to complete the design plans and in part so that we do not compete with the annual canvass which supports our operating budget and is conducted in the spring.  Some of you have asked if the capital campaign will include opportunities to pay off a pledge over multiple years.  The short answer is yes.  Exactly what that program will look like is still TBD, but we expect that we will provide opportunities to pay off a pledge to the capital campaign over multiple years, 2,3,4, maybe more. 

This is an exciting time for First Parish and we thank you for your patience and consideration as we move ahead with our plans for the future.  Thank you!

Preliminary Plans from the May meeting
(We will be adding back in the DRE's office and access to the Music Director's Office)