The second Church Forum was held on October 18.  There were 11 people in attendence. 

For the first part of the session, the people were spit into 2 groups.  At each table, the groups were asked to think about what it would mean if the congregation decided to do nothing.  They were asked to consider 3 questions:

  1. Does this choice align with our covenant?
  2. Do we have the capacity: Time, Talent and Treasure  for this choice
  3. Do we have the will?

In the second part of the session, the group was asked to think about what those same 3 questions if the congregation decides to do something.  People were split into groups again, but were asked to choose one of three topics to focus on:

  1. Capital Campaign
  2. Exploring Financial Options
  3. Losing space

The notes from both meetings have been combined together in on document.  Groups 1-4 were from the 1st meeting, and Groups 5&6 were from the second meeting.  There is one more meeting on Sunday October 25th at 11:30AM

Notes from the first and second Church Forum