The Accessibility Building Design Task Force plans presented at the State of the Society meeting:


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The Accessibility Building Design Task Force has been meeting with stakeholders and the architect and now has a rough working plan. The plan includes:

  • a new street-level main entrance through the RE wing
  • a new self-operating elevator (no key or clunky gate)
  • an internal ramp to manage the two different levels of our first floor
  • gender-neutral bathrooms on both floors
  • relocated offices
  • and, possibly, a sprinkler system.

The architect is gathering cost estimates, which the Task Force will review, tweaking the plans until we have something affordable that accomplishes as much of what we want as possible. Current plans are for the final design to be presented at a congregational meeting in November or December. Meanwhile, the Capital Campaign for the project is gearing up to kick off this fall. 

 Most Recent Plans