Latest from the Next Steps Task Force:
We are very pleased to provide you with a copy (attached) of the capital campaign planning study prepared by Cornerstone Fundraising.  We will be presenting the key findings at the State of Society meeting on September 27th.  Then, during the month of October, we will be providing an opportunity during three church forums on the 4th, 18th, and 25th, for congregational discernment as we consider, together, our next step. 
As you review the report, please think about these three questions: 1) how does the capital camapign to raise funds for accessibility ‚Äčimprovements align with our covenant?;2) do we have the capacity--time, treasure, and talent--to do what's neccessary for a successful campaign?; and 3) do we have the will to do this?  The church forums will offer us an opportunity to sit with these questions and talk to each other about how we feel about them.  We'll have more on the October church forums soon.
Finally, we encourage you to talk about the report with each other, but we ask that you keep an open mind about our next steps.  Share this email with others.  Better yet, print an extra copy of the report and find someone at church who hasn't seen it yet and give them a copy.  Help someone new to First Parish understand why what we've been doing and give them some background. As always, members of the Next Steps Task Force are happy to answer your questions.  A special thanks to the members -- Tom Coffey, Chris Sweetnam, Ron Deschanes, and our newest member, Ruth Whalen. 
Thanks again, John Schneider.