Accessibility Building Project Updates

Results of the Congregational Vote

 As you know, we held a special congregational meeting on November 8 to vote on the article "To vote to authorize the Standing Committee to establish a capital campaign with a goal of $500,000 to improve the church's accessibility." The final result of the vote, including seven ballots that were mailed to First Parish and counted after the special meeting, was 95 yes and 7 no.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and we look forward to working together to make First Parish more accessible. Please contact the Standing Committee if you would like to serve on either the capital campaign task force or the accessibility design task force--or if you have any questions. You may contact the Standing Committee by:

  • Emailing the committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Putting a note in the Standing Committee mailbox in the chapel hallway
  • Speaking with or calling John Schneider or Rose Lerer 

October 4 Community Forum Notes

The first cottage meeting was held on October 4.  There were 24 people in attendence. 

For the first part of the session, the people were spit into 4 groups of 6.  At each table, the groups were asked to think about what it would mean if the congregation decided to do nothing.  They were asked to consider 3 questions:

  1. Does this choice align with our covenant?
  2. Do we have the capacity: Time, Talent and Treasure  for this choice
  3. Do we have the will?

In the second part of the session, the group was asked to think about what those same 3 questions if the congregation decides to do something.  People were split into groups again, but were asked to choose one of three topics to focus on:

  1. Capital Campaign
  2. Exploring Financial Options
  3. Losing space

Notes from the first Cottage Meeting

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