Accessibility Building Project Updates

APB Update

As we start the new church year, it is great to show off our new building and fantastic how excited everyone is about it. We are getting down to the end of the project, enclosed is a summary. Please reach out to an ABP team member if you have any comments or questions.

  1. Elevator. The install started this past Wednesday. It takes a total of 10-14 days to complete the installation, so should be done early October. Then we will have to schedule state inspection before we can go operational with the elevator. Dates TBD.
  2. Fire sprinklers. The holes were cut yesterday (Monday) into the sanctuary ceiling. We are waiting for special sprinkler heads to be delivered for the sanctuary, then they will be installed. The complete system will have to be inspected and then go operational, likely in October. All other installation is completed. We ended up installing 2,700 linear feet of pipe for the sprinkler system. Wow!
  3. Doors. We are waiting for several doors on back order, most should come in this week.
  4. Painting and flooring. Painting should wrap up early next week, there will be some touch ups needed. Hallway rugs won’t be installed until after the elevator is installed.
  5. Bathrooms. First floor BRs completely installed an functional. Second floor BRs will have electrical finished this week and door knobs installed this week and then be fully operational.
  6. Vestry and kitchen ceilings. Probably won’t get to those until next week.
  7. Punch list. There will be lots of loose ends still to be completed; e.g. paint touch up. This will take place over the few weeks.

It's time. Join us!

It's time. Join us! -- This week you should have received an invitation from the Capital Campaign team inviting you to attend a reception to learn more about the Accessibility Building Project.  We hope you take a moment to let us know which one you can attend.  At the reception you will hear more about the plans and how you can support the project.  Receptions are scheduled for January 19 at 1pm and 7pm; January 27 at 7pm; January 28 at 9am and February 1 at 6:30pm.  All receptions will be held in the Alliance Parlor.  
 As a special bonus, attend a reception and you can say "ILUU"!
 Questions --  call/text/email John Schneider Twitter - #ILUU
 ILUU and so can you! It's time. Join us!

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