A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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Thank you all for another wonderful month. We had a great concert on January 11th, and thanks to you all, we raised over $900. Proceeds will supplement funds for the service trip to Puerto Rico. Three of the trip participants formed a power-trio and sang “You Raise Me Up”. Other service trip participants helped out at the concert in other ways. Special thanks also to Janice and Henry Tervo, Jessica Volk, and guest performers for putting together such an impressive program. Our next concert is March 14th.

I feel such gratitude for all our music makers. Thank you, Senior Choir for your consistent awesomeness. Thank you, Bell Choir for your beautiful performance on January 26th. All the youth choirs are working hard and sounding great. We are already half way through the Church Year so I am trying to be mindful and grateful in every moment. But I am looking forward to Easter and also Music Appreciation Sunday (May 17th).

I also would like to thank all of you who continue to so generously offer your compassion and wisdom as I continue to work through the grieving process after my brother’s death last year. Loss changes one’s perspective, especially regarding the urgency of time. And despite the pain and persistent distraction, loss can inspire. The day before my brother passed away I happened to receive an email asking if I would perform for the prestigious Piano Heritage Series at the PCA in Westford. Under usual circumstances I would have nervously not accepted (they usually book much more accomplished pianists than myself), but I somehow could not be cowardly in that moment. I felt the cold breath of mortality on my neck, and I know in his last moments my brother would have insisted that I take the chance. “Live now” he would have said. Well, I thoroughly agree with that sentiment, so I’ll be performing like my life depends on it - Sunday February 16th, in a concert I’m dedicating to my brother; 3:15 pre-concert talk, 4:00 concert, at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford center.

Your Music Director, Steve


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