Music Notes, September 2019

A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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I am excited and grateful to begin another Church year at First Parish. This time of year I feel the draw of so many possibilities. I begin daydreaming about the upcoming musical fulfillment and the sense of community. I crave the synergy of working with the staff, the choirs, and congregation. I begin to wonder what new things I will learn, and teach, this year. The summer is a slow climb through challenging terrain, but as we reach the early fall I gleefully anticipate the beautiful panorama of insight and kindness I know I will find at the summit. Like you, I rely on the weekly spiritual regeneration that First Parish provides. Our community is a reminder, each week, that humanity itself is capable of kindness, compassion, intelligence, and love. It is a balm for the unease of daily life. And we even have good coffee too.

Your music director,

Looking for singers and ringers!!!! Join us and have fun. The music program at First Parish encourages maximum participation, musical and spiritual growth, and great music-making. We have tons of fun, create great memories, and just celebrate life, through music. If you love to sing, or ring handbells, check out the music program at First Parish. You will feel welcomed, and I promise smiles, laughter, and great music.

Here is a list of music ensembles. There is something for all ages. Please feel free to contact Steve Zocchi, Music Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, or just to say hi…

Carol Choir: Rehearses 11:15-11:30 on Sundays after Church. Ages 3-7. No reading skills necessary. All are welcome. This is a first introduction to Church singing and it is joyous and fun. Participants will begin to learn how to sing in a group.

Junior Choir: Rehearses 11:30-12:15 on Sundays after Church. (O.W.L. participants can arrive at 11:45 on the days O.W.L meets). Age 8 through grade 7. All will feel welcome and supported, and it’s just a lot of fun.

Intermediate Choral Ensembles: Rehearses 12:15 to 1:15 on Sundays after Church. Grade 8 through High School. (Participants in this choir are invited to continue singing with Junior Choir. 8th graders must participate in Junior Choir) This year will be slightly different from previous years for the Intermediate level youth choir. Duets, trios, and full-choir combinations will be encouraged, rather than only singing as a choir. Many styles of music will be represented. Music reading skills and consistent attendance are of paramount importance. This group is for enthusiastic, experienced singers who want to challenge themselves with more difficult repertoire.

Handbell Choir: The Meetinghouse Ringers Meet 7:15-8:30 on Wednesday evenings in the Sanctuary. It is a lot of fun. This group is traditionally mostly adults, but teens accompanied by a parent/guardian are welcome. Basic music-reading skills are needed. Consistent attendance is important for proper rehearsing. Bell Choir is a blast. You will have fun.

Senior Choir: Meets 7:30-8:30 on Thursday evenings in the Sanctuary. An insanely fun group of dedicated voices. Music-reading skills vary widely in this ensemble, but a basic understanding of music notation is needed. Must be able to sing on pitch and consistently attend rehearsals. There is some flexibility regarding attendance, but once you join us, you’ll never want to miss a rehearsal. This group sings in most Sunday services. We have so much fun.

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