A note from Steve...

Steve Zocchi, Music Director
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As the oppressive air of summer slowly relents to the liberating breaths of fall, I feel new energy and excitement. I can hardly wait to begin another Church year. I look forward to seeing and hearing you all. I crave the weekly cycle of planning and directing the music. I thirst for the sense of community and reminder that humanity is good. I’m sure we are all in need of the positive energy of First Parish right now.

Recently, the mother of one of my students mentioned to me how much the First Parish building looks like her childhood Church. I forget the denomination (not U.U.) but she candidly and politely expressed to me that she no longer goes to Church because she didn't like what she felt was dogma, close-mindedness, and blind faith to unprovable ideas. She went on to say that she just believes in the goodness of people, and love, and the connection between everything in the universe. I jumped at the chance to tell her that she belongs here at First Parish. She did not know that Unitarian Universalists accept people of all faiths and also those of no faith. She didn’t know that agnostic humanists are just as welcome here as the theists of all types. I realized the she would see the Seven Principles as a shocking revelation that indeed there are many others who think as she does. (As did I when I first read them.) The interesting part of the story is that we had misread each other. I think she had assumed I was just another bald, entitled, white male. I, in turn, didn't realize she was so spiritually enlightened, probably because of my own left-leaning snobbery. (Yes that’s a word). And it made me wonder about how many more of us there are out there who simple have not found Unitarian Universalism. I bet there are a hundred million people in the U.S. who could agree with the Seven Principles if they only heard them, spoken clearly and humbly.

But it’s not our style to proselytize; in fact it seems contrary to our commitment to accepting people as they are. But we can share our tremendous love through music. We can sing loudly the Love, the Peace, and the Hope that we know will help heal this injured world. And that we shall do.

p.s. Remember you can contact me anytime if you have any interest in, or questions about, any of the music groups at First Parish. Maybe you've discovered a life-affirming song which you think might work at Church. Share it with me. I’d love to hear it.

Your Music Director,